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Spider-Man 3 Actors Troll Fans About The Title Of New Film

The upcoming third installment of Marvel’s Spider-Man is already making waves after a confusing title reveal by three main cast members. It appeared that Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya shared three different titles from their Instagram accounts. Speculation is always rampant regarding Marvel films and this act has pushed it further. Fans could not make out if any of these titles for Spider-Man 3 were correct. Later it was revealed that one of them was actually the correct one.

Tom Holland Starts With The First Spider-Man 3 Title

The main lead who plays the teenage superhero, Tom Holland shared a still from the movie along with title: Spider-Man 3: Phone Home.

The title was distasteful for so many fans. Yet, many of the fans and media outlets believed it was real. Tom has received a lot of scathing memes for trolling the movie fans. However, it was pretty much starting to get official until another actor posted the name. It was Jacob who played the role of Spider-Man’s trustworthy friend behind the computer.

Jacob Batalon Reveals Second Title

Jacob joined in with another still and a different title, that added to the ongoing mystery surrounding the title of Spider-Man 3. The title was rather hilarious which did not convince a lot of fans like Tom’s one.

Even though the actor aimed to give fans a gift but he ended up spinning their mind further. Most of them were not sure who or what to believe anymore. The questions and confusion went on for a couple of hours. Both actors were probably laughing at how they were playing with fan’s emotions who were heavily excited about the upcoming film.

Zendaya Ends The Confusion

Finally, the actress who plays MJ ended the confusion by sharing the correct name of the third film. Zendaya’s post came almost two hours after both male actors pulled a prank on fans. She knows all about Tom’s uncontrollable desire to drop spoilers. She even commented ‘what the hell’ on Tom’s post after finding out the chaos it has caused. Here is the original title for Spider-Man 3 and one more still.

Fans Dropping Their Own Title Renditions

Fans of the franchise did not hold back after learning the official title. They decided to troll back and created funny remakes of the title. One of them seems suitable considering the story is about saving people in distress. This title is made after keeping in mind the real enemy COVID-19, that is wreaking havoc out there.

Spider-Man 3: Home Slice will be released on 17th December 2021 in the US. Marvel is on a roll; it’s also releasing a new TV series based on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in March 2021.

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