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E3 2022 Cancellation Deprives People of Certain Surprises

The video game trading and marketing show E3 2022 isn’t going to happen now. Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has confirmed that the event has been cancelled due to certain reasons, and it won’t be aired this year. Thus, there won’t be any announcement promised by E3 earlier at the previous event. The gaming community eager to know about some upcoming games and events will probably have to wait another year to know. For the past few years, people have been questioning the fate of E3 since it has been cancelled before due to the covid19 pandemic. This year further raises wonderments regarding what viewers will miss and what has or hasn’t been left out to reveal.

Why E3 2022 Is Not Happening?

Will Powers, Razer’s head of PR for the Americas, tweeted about cancelling the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Will mentioned that an email confirmed the suspension of E3 Digital.

ESA informed the partners and IGN on Thursday about postponing it since the event will not take place virtually. It was supposed to be an in-person show in Los Angeles, but the group changed the plan amidst the Covid19 pandemic. The decision to put the event on hold for another year resulted from chaos within the gaming industry due to covid. After returning from San Francisco Game Developers Conference, some professionals were tested positive for coronavirus.

The ESA also stated that the focus is on putting all of the energy and resources into bringing the event back in the Summer of 2023 in both physical and digital form. Rather than organizing E3 2022 and facing health issues, 2023 E3 will be safer. It will promise the audience to meet their higher expectations of the mega gaming conference.

Events Replace E3 Digital

Many video game publishers decided not to attend the E3 2022 due to the pandemic. However, they will organize their own events, including the Sony’s State of Play. Nintendo’s Direct showcases and EA Play Live. Also, the video game show host Geoff Keighley announced on social media that the summer game fest is still going to happen. It will let the gamers know about upcoming projects, release dates of multiple games, and other forthcoming events.

What are Gamers Going to Miss?

The gaming world has planned several titles for gamers this year, but the mega-conference will not take place. So, people will not be able to know a lot about what’s coming in 2022. The E3 2021 brought exciting showcases from gaming platforms, and it made the audience excited for 2022 since many announcements were made about the sequels of some high-profile games. This year, the Last of Us game plan was going to be revealed. Its new format and patterns were to be shared with the gaming community, but now gamers will have to wait.

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