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Who Allowed PTI Minister Faisal Vawda to Bring Boot in Studio

Faisal Vawda who is Pakistan’s minister for water resources in PTI’s government is being bashed for pulling an what is said to be “unethical” stunt in a talk show. Vawda in Kashif Abbasi’s show brought a boot and placed it on table to mock PML-N and PPP for apparently supporting Army Act. Vawda’s stunt made his political opponents from PML-N and PPP leave the show. The minister is now being criticised for using a military boot for merely bashing his political opponents and also indirectly disrespecting army.

Who Allowed Faisal Vawda to Bring Military Boot in Show?

While folks from different political spectrum are bashing PTI minister for this stunt people are also questioning whether Pakistani news channels in their political talk shows care about anything like ethics. Questions are being raised where was the team of the program or anchor when boot was being brought to the studio and why anchor didn’t interrupt earlier to stop Vawda from using the word “boot lickers” for his oppoenents.

Faisal Vawda not only brought the military boot but also placed it no table and kept it there for 10 minutes. The anchor didn’t ask him to remove it from there untill the guest himself put that down.

Making Fool of Himself ?

Folks think that Faisal Vawda has acted stupid and he has not only humiliated his opponents but also the institutions.

Did he Do the Right Thing?

There are those who think that there is nothing condemn worthy in Faisa Vawda’s stunt at talk show. He has only shown mirror to those who have backtracked from their statements.

One thing is so evident that Vawda’s action has made even his own position so ambiguous. People are confused if he had acted bold or stupid in a bid to malign his corrupt political opponents who are making headlines for dining at fancy restaurants in London despite their ill-health.

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