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ICC Gives Virat Kohli Spirit of Cricket Award for His World Cup Gesture

International Cricket Council awarded the Indian Captain Virat Kholi the Spirit of Cricket Award for his friendly gesture towards Steve Smith in an India vs. Australia World Cup Match.

In ICC Awards 2018 Virat Kohli had made history by winning six titles.

Why Virat Kohli Has Won Spirit of Cricket Award

According to ICC standards the Spirit of Cricket Award is given to a player who has given an outstanding performance and has laid great stress on fair play through his actions. This year’s award has been awarded to the Indian captain Virat Kholi for telling Indian fans not to boo Australian player Steve Smith and requesting them to applaud him instead during the Cricket world cup 2019.

Prior to that match Smith was caught ball tampering in one of the matches. According to the investigation done by the Australian cricket Board Smith got caught rubbing the ball on sand paper. When the empires inquired Steve tried passing the sandpaper off as stick tape. The cricketer during the investigation admitted his fault and said that there was nothing he can do to undo the damage.

Enough Is Enough

In post-match interview Kohli while talking about Steve said “He’s suffered enough, he’s admitted his mistake and should be left alone .He’s playing well and is proving to be a tough competitor so don’t demoralize him instead respect him for rectifying himself.”

Indians are overjoyed after finding out Kholi won such a prestigious award

Wasn’t Kane Williamson A Better Contender?

 Contrary to the ICC decision of rewarding the Indian skipper cricket fans feel that New Zealand’s Kane Williamson deserves this award more. The manner in which he conducted himself and helped his team mates after being runner up in Cricket World Cup 2019 was phenomenal.

The Indian skipper while expressing his gratitude to the ICC said” like other I too am amazed. This is a welcomed change as for too long I’ve been scrutinised for the wrong things”.

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