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Speculations Declared Fan Bingbing, “A Corrupt Chinese Actress”

Fan Bingbing, who is an internationally recognized star, disappeared suddenly in June after she was seemed visiting sick children at Tibet Hospital through a social media post. Since then there hasn’t been a single report of her existence or activities from any source.

Speculations by Fan Bingbing’s Fans and Critiques

After this disappearing act by the actress of X-Men and Iron Man franchise, there have been several theories which are presented by minds of various critiques and fans. People are now fantasizing the possible reasons regarding this incident.

Tax Elusion

Most of the media sources have declared that this act of vanishing is the result of tax elusion by the actress. In September a Chinese National Publication stated that international star was about to face the legal issues by the state. Although the Chinese government hasn’t uttered a single statement regarding this matter. According to the cyber analyst, Fergus Ryan,


“If you are a billionaire, then that is something that obviously you can enjoy to a certain extent, but you’ve got to be very, very wary that you don’t at any stage cross a red line of some sort and fall afoul of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Whereas, Melissa Chan, a famous journalist has also shared her views regarding Fan Bingbing’s disappearance in a tweet. She also discussed the removal of Fan Bingbing from a Chinese production.

Is Fan Bingbing Really In Prison?

Well, there has been a stream of incidents which tells that Fan Bingbing is now suffering from legal issues. In a Chinese TV show, host Cui Yongyuan not only accused the highest paid Chinese actress but he also told the audience that the tax violation charges over the Chinese actress are proved to be correct, and now legal bodied will take action against Fan Bingbing according to the regulation. This does not mean that she is in jail as the government is still not speaking about this matter at all.

There was another news which said that Fan Bingbing was involved in various other corrupt activities such as illegal property and real estate matters. Whereas, some of the other sources told that Fan is searching an asylum in Los Angeles as she has a plan of staying apart from China.

No matter what is the background story behind this incident, but 65 million followers of Fan over Instagram still hope to see her replying all these allegations pretty soon!

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