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Fanmade Harry Potter Remake by GCU Students Is Surprising Everyone

Yes seriously! The fanmade Harry Potter trailer is out and it is magnificent. And no, it is not like some class bunkers gathering around the town’s park and causing havoc. It is filmed inside a top university of Pakistan that has produced immense level of talent in this country.

In this trailer, Government College and University (GCU) Lahore deeply resembles Hogwarts and brings back serious feelings of nostalgia for Harry Potter fans.

Muggles Approve The fanmade Harry Potter Film trailer

People are going wild over the efforts of a remake and their reaction on social media has been priceless.

Some of them were so excited to watch the trailer that they felt the need to personally break the news like media giants.

This film looks more aesthetically sound than major banner releases

From the looks of the trailer, the ready film is going to leave everyone spell bound. One can wonder if J. K. Rowling has anything to say about it.

Just like this girl, many crazed fans are trying to get the original writer to watch the fanmade Harry Potter in Pakistan.

From the trailer, it looks like the film is filled with neat visuals of action and magic which are the trademark of this franchise. Visual effects are terribly difficult to master in an Industry without useful technology. It almost took one and a half year to finalize these visual effects in the fanmade Harry Potter movie.

Location chosen for the project was mind-blowing! People really started to realize the startling resemblance of GCU to Hogwarts.

A Genre Defining Moment for Pakistani Cinema

The film tries to pick up the story from where it left off but with a new antagonist who is hell bent on reviving the darkest lord of them all.

Without spoiling anymore of the fun, it is recommended for people of all ages to give this one a go. By the way, Potterheads would be sad to know that the fanmade Harry Potter film was already premiered at GCU and other educational institutions.

This gem will soon be available on YouTube for the world to watch.

A film that includes fiction and sci-fi elements so brilliantly must be released in cinemas.

Nobody dares to explore this genre because of the related complexities. The effort of this genius team must be acknowledged on a larger scale. Khayaali Productions who are famous for creating documentaries, short films and music videos are also behind this project.

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