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Five Streaming Platforms That You Should Know About

People around the globe look for entertainment to overcome the stress from their busy life. Since the streaming platforms are trending, it is easy for people to reduce stress by watching their preferred movies and shows. However, because of less knowledge about streaming sites, entertainment fans rely on a very limited number of platforms.

One of The Subscription Free Streaming Platforms: PopcornFlix


Streaming platforms and websites are a part of our daily routine. Most of the population, especially teenagers are fond of watching movies, tv shows, and series of all sorts. Many popular movie streaming sites allow people to enjoy the latest films and shows. However, these sites and platforms are not easy to manage for plenty of people because of their subscription fees and other aspects of difficulty. Popcorn flix, on the other hand, is an easy way to access movies and shows. The platform specializes in popular old and recent movies and tv shows. It provides the search feature that makes finding films, shows, and series easy according to their genres. Unlike many platforms, Popcorn flix is flexible in terms of the sign-up related issue: it doesn’t require sign up. The users can easily watch their desired videos, movies, and dramas without worrying about signing up. 

The only difficulty is that the users will not be able to watch exclusive shows and films on other platforms. For instance; Hunting of Bly manor is a Netflix exclusive show therefore, it will not be available on Popcorn flix or any other platform except Netflix.



Those with an interest in watching good and interesting shows free of cost should try IFLIX. It is one of the streaming platforms that does not require subscription free. Especially in Pakistan, it is just like a plug & play feature, which means that the users only need to click on the show or movie and enjoy it. In other countries like Indonesia, America, and several other regions, there is a limited fee but not that expensive. IFLIX is equipped with the latest as well as old non-exclusive shows and films.



Tubi is another free streaming platform that allows viewers to have a wide range of movies and TV shows. A slight glitch is that the platform is only active in the USA. However, viewers from other countries can easily get their access by downloading and using a VPN. 

The ads might bother the user because sometimes random ads occur before the screen. All in all, the platform is set to entertain viewers with films and shows of all genres. 



VEOH is a different sort of platform that offers thousands of videos including movies, songs, movies, and series. The thing that distinguishes it from other sites and platforms is its feature that allows users to upload content on the site. There is no payment option, unlike various streaming platforms. Although, the users need to sign up if they wish to upload any sort of content. Nevertheless, it hosts the user-uploaded content therefore, one needs to be careful while using VOEH. VPN is a good option while looking for good content in order to avoid malicious material.



CONtv is the best streaming facility for those who are fond of the horror and thriller genre. On the contrary, the gothic genre is not only its specialty because the users can watch all kinds of content. CONtv is only available in the US; consequently, one can use a US-based VPN to enjoy its shows and films. 

Various genres include science fiction, comedy, cartoon or anime series, and a diverse range of other categories. CONtv also specializes in providing high picture quality for those who prefer 720p-1080p video results. The good part about the platform is that it doesn’t ask the user for payment. A simple sign-up is enough to use it. Streaming devices like Google TV  help in watching shows from different mediums in perfectly fine picture quality. It is also compatible with CONtv due to its diverse shows and movie collection.

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