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Food, Music and Fun- What Else Happened at Lahore Eat Festival

The entertainment rich Lahore Eat festival 2018 took place at the Fortress Stadium Lahore, from March 16 to March 18. All three days of the festival crowd kept on pouring in with all its zeal and fervor.

There were almost more than 75 food stalls on the venue. Crowds didn’t miss a chance to visit their favorite stalls.

And, then there were celebrities like Fiza Ali and Inzmam ul Haq who also came to enjoy the event with their friends and families.

Musical Concerts at Lahore Eat Festival

Festival has undoubtedly brought the diverse food from all over Lahore to one place. But, this year’s musical concerts were a must- watch. As, the audience got to feast upon the performances from the pop bands, folk singers and, Sufi Artists.

And guess who also rocked the event with his short-lived but energetic appearance? The favorite Rockstar of the 90s, none other than Ali Azmat. The audience were passionately waiting to sway in amusement at the enthusiastic performance by the singer.

Indeed, music and food offered to be the best combo to satiate the appetite for those who always crave for unlimited fun.

The opening day featured the performance by the Fuzon band and Hamza Sheikh.

Akhtar Chanal Zehri from Balochistan also amused the audience on an opening day with his beautiful Balochi folk songs.

Asrar the famous Sufi singer of the contemporary era was also to perform on the Lahore Eat Festival.

Pakistan has recently witnessed the Lahooti Melo- an iconic cultural festival, Karachi Eat and now Lahore Eat Festival. What a time to be alive for the nation. What a beautiful spring to cherish for the Pakistani citizens.

And, this is the ultimate Mauj and Masti that people are enjoying in the festival.

Lahore Eat- Foodie’s Heaven

Apart from all that fun and musical entertainment Lahore Eat festival proved to be an ultimate heaven for a true foodie. Stalls for desi, continental, Italian, Chinese, Thais, Mexican and all kind of food were enough to make people drool over. At least, they had a weekend where they didn’t need to figure out where to go for giving themselves a perfect treat. Fortress Square Stadium was enough to offer all in one place.

The only difficult thing for the attendants was to do a little effort for strolling around all those stalls spread over the entire Fortress Stadium. They got a huge area to explore but that was worth it.

Lahore Eat Festival
Credit – Hourstv

And, they definitely did this difficult task. Here is how it felt for the audience to stroll through the venue for reaching their place.

Lahore Eat
Credit – Hourstv

Entry At Lahore Eat Festival

Well, the entry fee at Lahore Eat was 300 Rs. Students could enter without paying the fee by showing their university ID card. But, the single males needed to pass through a harsh scrutiny. The organizers had offered a foolproof security at the venue to make sure that no incident of terrorism or harassment takes place.

Overall, Lahore Eat Festival was an event worth attending with friends and family and indeed a beautiful way to enjoy the blessings of spring in the town.

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