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Who Will Win From Final 16 Teams of Football World Cup 2018

The thrilling event of football world cup 2018 is on its way in Russia. The group stage has already ended and we finally know about the teams who are going to contest in the round of 16.

So, if you are not keeping up with the event then let’s tell you which are the final 16 teams out of 32 that have managed to reach the next round.

Teams of Round of 16 in Football World Cup 2018

So, as per the FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule, the round of 16 kickstarted from June 30. The first match will take place between France and Argentina.

In the round of 16 stage, we are left with only top-ranking football teams from Europe and South America with three Scandinavian states. Teams from Africa and Arab countries are already out from the tournament.

Now, the teams that will compete in the second round are France, Mexico, Sweden, England, Croatia, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Uruguay, Spain, Denmark, and Japan.

Here is the complete detail about the schedule of eight matches that will take place between final 16 teams of this World Cup.

On June 30, 2018

  1. France Vs. Argentina
  2. Uruguay Vs. Portugal

On July 1, 2018

  1. Spain Vs. Russia
  2. Croatia Vs. Denmark

On July 2, 2018

  1. Brazil Vs. Mexico
  2. Belgium Vs. Japan

On July 3, 2018

  1. Sweden Vs. Switzerland
  2. Colombia Vs. England

It is interesting to note that defending champion is out from the tournament even in the group stage. That proves how unpredictable can be the FIFA World Cup. Fans are already surprised by the fact that leading soccer teams like four times champion Italy, Netherlands, NewZealand and Cameroon and also the United States have not even qualified for Football World Cup 2018.

As a result of the second round, eight teams will qualify for the quarterfinals that will take place on 6 July and 7 July, with two matches on each day. The semi-finals will be held on 7 July and 10 July, while the third play-off will take place on 14 July. And, Football World Cup 2018 will conclude on 15 July.

Significant Moments of World Cup 2018

Just like other its predecessors Football World Cup 2018 was also much thrilling. The match between Croatia and Argentina on June 21 was interesting as Leonel Messi fans watched him struggling to score goals Croatia, but Argentina lost that match. And, then it was the Ronaldo’s performance in June 15 match between Portugal and Spain.

Apart from the traditional heroes of the football world, fans also witness Senegal coach turning out into a social media sensation due to his unique celebratory style.

The fun has not ended and more is to come in the upcoming matches that will continue till July 15.

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