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Senegal Coach Aliou Cisse Is A New Social Media Sensation

Senegal Coach Aliou Cisse has emerged as new social media sensation during FIFA World Cup 2018. Former athlete has supplied another meme to the social media brigade that always remains on the hunt of the relatable real-life examples to describe the situation.

A ‘Cool’ Senegal Coach

Senegal coach is going viral on social media for his unique celebratory style. The gif that depicts him celebrating the team’s win in a cool way while keeping his composure is dominating the social media newsfeeds.

And, who knows when their action will become a meme.

His expressions describe well how it looks to be so sure about something. Senegal coach knew about his team’s win.

Not Only A Cool Dude

Senegal coach Aliou Cisse is not going viral for his swag and being a cool dude. He has many other credits to his name. 42 years old Aliou is also the youngest coach in FIFA World Cup 2018 and also an only black coach in 32-teams tournament.

So, Twitter users are not exploiting his celebratory style to make a relatable meme but also telling the world a story that needs to be told.

A Relatable Senegal Coach

And, here is how social media users are relating to Senegal coach moves which are adding to the ultimate fun and entertainment that FIFA World Cup is offering. This entertainment is not exclusive to football fans only.

Well, this tweet by the sports reporter Don Molloy also seems on point.

And, he is a reason for why Football fans should consider supporting Senegal.

We heard about Daniel Craig returning as James Bond. But should we expect Senegal coach to play the character? Maybe yes, because his swag makes him qualify for the role.

It is a fact that social media has the power to make a person overnight famous. We just witnessed a south Indian actress Priya Parkash Varrier going viral within hours. But, the case with Aliou Cisse is different, as he is a former athlete who has ruled over the hearts of football fans for years.

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