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Daniel Craig to Return as James Bond

Daniel Craig, the actor behind James Bond, is all poised to come back in the role. He once had said that he would prefer taking his life than playing the role again for 007. However, he now confirms reemerging in this role for the one last time.

Daniel Craig said that wherever he would go for an interview, people would ask if he would be playing this role again or not. However, he always felt he needed to speak the truth. So, on the Stephen Colbert show, he stated that he would indeed become part of the new 007 film.

Daniel Craig in Discussion About the Role

The actor revealed that he is in a discussion about his role for the last two months. Furthermore, the actor said that he along with the crew are figuring out the role. Daniel Craig stated that he got the much-needed break. However, he maintained that it would be his last appearance in this role.

The controversy over his participation in the movie goes back to 2015. At that time, he was frustrated by his over commitment due to Spectre’s promotions. At that point, he said he would rather slit his wrists. Furthermore, he added that he was done with the film and moving on with his life.

Daniel Craig Looking at His Comments in Retrospect

The actor said that he made the comments in the heat of the moment. He stated that he was exhausted because of the shooting of the movie. Daniel Craig has been behind the success of his last film Spectre as James Bond. He was paid a handsome $65 million for his last Bond movie. The movie was able to gather a box office business of $880 million.

Change in Director and End to Speculations

The actor has now agreed to play his part in the next movie. The Director for the film Sam Mendes does not want to direct the next James Bond project. Therefore, there is a hunt to find a director for directing the next James Bond movie.

The last two years have seen speculations about which actor might replace Daniel Craig in this iconic role. However, after confirmation, Daniel Craig has put these speculations to rest. Possible actors rumored to have replaced Daniel Craig include Aidan Turner, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, and Idris Elba. Daniel Craig is not all negative about his role. He believes that the role has changed his working life in a great way.

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