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Instagram IGTV Feature to Break YouTube Dominance

Instagram has announced its new feature that will enable users to view and create a vertical long-form video. With the help of new Instagram IGTV feature, users will be now able to create channels like Youtube and interact with the video owners by leaving comments.

Instagram IGTV Feature

The Facebook-owned Instagram has already crossed one billion users and is serving as the primary social media platform for influencers. The new Instagram IGTV feature will now make it possible for users to create video channels on their names. So, Instagram users can have their dedicated video channels to share the videos they create. And, other users will follow those channels to get the latest updates. Therefore, the platform that was previously exclusive to pictures only will now host the videos and allow influencers to share their content in a diverse manner.

How Is It Different from Youtube

Instagram IGTV feature will offer a video sharing and watching experience just like Youtube, but with a vertical view like Snapchat. Briefly, Instagram IGTV will allow commenting and sharing of videos but with a monotonous vertical view optimized for mobile screens only.

Well, Instagram has the limitation as users are not able to enjoy the features they can otherwise do on PC apps. Like, many Insta users often look for how to check Instagram DM on PC because they want to use this app on their desktop. So, those who are habitual of watching Youtube videos on their laptops might find it difficult to switch to Instagram IGTV. Nevertheless, it is huge news for Vloggers who will now have a broader audience for content they create.

Instagram As An Influencers’ Platform

Instagram IGTV feature is going to help influencers a lot. Till now, there was no way for sharing the extended videos rather than by going live. The issue is not everyone can watch the live streaming as it doesn’t remain there for so long. So, now viewers will get to watch the extended videos as well. On Instagram which is indeed an Influencer’s platform celebrities and other such users will also have more room to talk about what they are up to.

According to media reports, Instagram IGTV feature will not have advertisements in the beginning but it will allow video creators linking to IGTV channels and endorse the brands. Apart from influencers, Instagram videos will be an excellent feature for users who want to share their daily life experiences in the video form. Whether Instagram will bring the video specific functions, as is the case with its pictures sharing feature is also a crucial question because it will also determine how the platform will capture the market share of Youtube in its true sense.

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