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Ahmed Raza From Sialkot Conducts Toss for FIFA World Cup Match

It has always been a moment of pride for Pakistanis to see their handmade footballs being used in major soccer leagues and tournament. This time, a Pakistani teenager Ahmed Raza from Sialkot has conducted a toss in the FIFA World Cup match that will take place between Brazile and Costa Rica.

Pakistani Conducting Toss In FIFA World Cup Match

Ahmed Raza who conducted toss in Brazil Vs Costa Rica FIFA world cup match is 15 years old. He is reportedly first Pakistani to appear in football world cup as an official representative of the country. Ahmed Raza has visited Russia for world cup match along with his father Shabbir Ahmed who is also a football enthusiastic. The family which belongs to Sialkot is hand stitching the footballs used in World Cup for three generations. So, this one match from FIFA World Cup 2018 has made their dream, to enjoy the game live, come true.

Ahmed Raza is indeed more than excited to conduct toss for such a crucial match of the tournament. While talking to media Raza said, “I can’t believe I am here, I’m in St. Petersburg stadium right now. I am very happy to stand there. I had not imagined this even in my dream.

And, it was a moment of proud for all Pakistanis.

A Documented Visit

Coca-Cola Pakistan is sponsoring the visit of Ahmed Raza and his father to FIFA World cup match. Kaleemullah, Pakistan football captain is also accompanying the kid and his father. Two times Oscar awards winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy will be documenting Ahmed and his father’s visit to Russia. Earlier, Coke had also arranged for FIFA trophy’s visit to Pakistan.

Bringing Football Makers Into Limelight

In February FIFA trophy’s arrival in Pakistan had gone controversial, as these were only actors who stole the limelight. There was a minimum representation from footballers regarding the coverage of the event on social media. Hence, people criticized the event for not giving Pakistani footballers a coverage that they actually deserved.

Taking the laborers who hand stitch footballs will indeed highlight the hard work of these workers and also promote the Sialkot’s already vibrant soccer industry.

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