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Worth Watching Performances at Calgary Stampede 2018 in Canada

The entertaining event of Calgary Stampede is back with all its zeal. The Grandstand show that gathers the exhibits of western culture at one place is going to be even spectacular this year. The Calgary Stampede 2018 will celebrate the 50 years of the event with more fun-filled productions, music concerts, outdoor games, rides and food that someone would love to feast upon.

Events At Calgary Stampede 2018

Well, Calgary Stampede is going to be a lot more exciting than previous years, for it is a celebration of the hard work and dedication of people across the globe from last 50 years. Visitors will get a chance to enjoy the performances and have a look at various artifacts that represent the western culture.

The ten days long event will start on July 6 and end on July 13. It will feature the performances from Canada’s top music stars, comedians, and actors.

Let’s have a look what the entertaining stuff at the year’s Calgary Stampede is going to be all about.

Music Performances

It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that Calgary Stampede 2018 is going to be a musical event. Musicians from all around the globe are going to rock the stage with their day and night performances that will continue for ten days. The good news is that attending concerts at Coca-Cola stage is free and one only needs to pay for entry fees at Stampede Park.

The other performances include Andy Kim’s Sugar Sugar, the monstrous hit that was released in 1968. The famous singer Tim Tamashiro will be leading the orchestra at Calgary’s The Relief Band. The audience will also get to amuse themselves from the hilarious life journey of the comedian Drew Lynch of America’s Got Talent. Folks who love listening to this amazing stand up comedian will be able to do so for 10 consecutive nights.

And, after those stand up comedians and conversationalists who inspire through their talks, there are skating acts from Alina Leiva and Yunier Morales that will make you ask for more.

Games And Rides

As mentioned above Calgary Stampede 2018 is going to be a lot more musical but it is cultural like the famous new year event Pasadena Rose Bowl parade. At 1:15 PM daily spectators will get to watch the world class Rodeo tournament at Grandstand Infield. The Rodeo games will include barrel racing, novice bareback riding, tie-down wrestling, junior steer riding, novice saddle bronc, Calgary Stampede bull riding, bareback and many others.

Well, apart from games, music, comedy, and drama there is going to be a massive variety of food for the visitors. So, it is an all in one package.

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