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What Time is the Rose Bowl Parade 2018?

Rose Bowl Parade 2018 is one of the most awaiting events of New Year. California folks are lucky to witness the live celebration, as Pasadena is the venue. People across the globe can also watch the jubilant ceremony, live from their televised screens.

129th Rose Bowl Parade would commence on January 1, 2018, at 8 am, in Pasadena California. Orange Grove Blvd and Colorado Blvd would serve as the parade venue.

Rose Bowl Parade 2018 is going to be much exciting just like previous years. Let’s have a look at what this unique New Year celebration has to offer.

Pre Parade Events

Preparations for the Rose Bowl Parade kick-started from December 1, 2017, with decoration of the parade floats that would continue until December 31, 2017. Float builder and volunteer decorators, whether individuals or groups are already busy in happily accomplishing their tasks in various locations.  Roses, grasses, fruits, vegetables and other such garnishing material is used on floats, during the last stage of decoration process.

Other events scheduled before Rose Bowl Parade 2018 day include; Bandfest, Equetfest, Rose Bowl Hall of Fame Induction, and Rose Bowl Bash. All these ceremonies would take place on 29, 30 and 31 of December.

Rose Bowl Parade 2018

Rose Bowl Parade 2018 Events

Many of you may think it useless to celebrate Rose Bowl Parade due to its disturbing origins. But colorful gathering, lively crowd and fresh start of the New Year are things that make it a worth watch. Decorated floats, bands from across the United States and post-parade exhibitions present another treat to eyes. Rose Bowl Parade 2018 promises to offer more of such events.

This year’s ceremony day would feature the traditional parade, College Football Playoff (CFP) semi-final and also a showcase of various floats.

The celebration theme is “Making a Difference.” Onlookers would be able to participate by paying the visit to floats exhibition stall. YouTube star, Todrick Hall would open the show with his heart racing performance. The closing would feature an entertaining concert by pop singer Andy Grammer.

CFP Semi-Final at Rose Bowl Parade 2018

2018 Rose Bowl Game would be an Oklahoma Sooner VS Georgia Bulldog CFP Semi-Final. The match would take place at Rose Bowl Stadium at 1.00 PM. Royal Court Appearances and Rose Courts are other pre-game activities that early makers to the stadium would be able to enjoy. So, a Rose Bowl Parade offers all the fun and entertainment that someone would love to enjoy throughout the year.

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