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Gabriel Salazar – Is the Young TikToker dead in a Car Accident?

19-year-old TikTok star Gabriel Salazar has reportedly passed away in a car crash in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The news came to the limelight when his friends and family mourned the loss on social media. His sister Dana Salazar also confirmed the news in an Instagram story saying she loved him and keep him in her heart forever.

Many viewers and friends have shared heartfelt messages and tributes in support of the TikToker’s family but the police have not confirmed his death. The TikTok star known as GabeNotBabe has over 1.3 million followers

People Paying Tribute to Gabriel Salazar

Gabriel Salazar gained popularity on the video-sharing app by performing lip-sync on songs and acting in various skits. His TikTok videos have accumulated more than 70 million likes and his Instagram has over 400,000 followers. The content creator has posted several images of himself in the picture-sharing app.

Viewers shared how heartbroken they were after hearing the news.

On the contrary to the police’s report, a verified TikToker Alvaro Romero also paid tribute to Gabe, confirming his death. Some viewers doubted the information and questioned Romero to which other TikTokers also reassured them that Salazar has died. One of the entertainer’s best friends, Ricky Flores also paid tribute by posting several pictures of themselves together on Instagram.

So Why Police Could Not Confirm His Death

According to media reports, the police have not yet confirmed the death of Gabriel Salazar. The statement from San Antonio Police Department said that no one by the name was involved in any recent accident.

Yet, there were hundreds of devastating comments by his sister, his friends, and other viewers in the support of him and his family. Sister Dana also gave a link in her Instagram bio that led to a GoFundMe page in support of her family.

Fundraiser in The Name of the Star

The fundraiser’s organizer is reportedly a long-term friend of Gabriel Salazar, Chris Vazquez. In the description of the GoFundMe page, the organizer wrote that that the TikToker died on Sept 26 while avoiding the details. Vazquez mentioned that it was difficult to talk about the pain Gabe went through.

The fundraiser has raised more than 30,000 USD in 1 day and with around 1900 donors. The organizer asked the viewers to donate generously because it will be difficult for the family to cover funeral expenses on their own.

Over the weekend, another content creator star shared the tragic news of a death. According to reports, TikToker Tex Kelly, known as texandjohn, announced that his father John Kelly, who frequently appeared in his TikTok videos, had died. Tex also created a page on GoFundMe raising concern about his family being unable to pay the hospital bills.

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