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Did Genshin Impact Just Set A New Bar In Mobile Gaming?

The new multi-platform game Genshin Impact is making huge waves in the world of gaming. Its availability on mobile turned out to be the most prominent reason for its success. According to a mobile analyst, more than 17 million mobile users in the world have downloaded this game. It reached this milestone in just 4 days from its launch on 28 September.

The Chinese developer miHoYo released the anime-styled game on PS4, PC, iOS, and Android. It is a free-to-play RPG that brought a new touch to the mobile games of this genre. Mobile gamers are increasingly investing in this new open-world adventure, as it can be judged from its revenue from the first week. According to the reports, the anime-themed adventure generated more than 60 million USD from the in-app purchases in Android and iOS

It marked the biggest international launch of a Chinese game ever, leaving behind PUBG which made 56 million USD. A fairly new Battle Royale game, Free Fire is also giving PUBG a run for its money. Genshin Impact on mobile can easily match the fun-factor of expensive console games.

Genshin Impact Looks Like A Haven For Explorers

Fans of the open-world or RPG genre love to explore and interact with the world around them. This game puts them in a beautiful world full of surprises, mysteries, magic, and monsters. The trailer below reveals some bit and pieces about the game

The game is of course graphically demanding. It can overheat the mobile if the device is not properly optimized for gaming. Of course, the user can change the graphic settings so their device doesn’t heat up much. It lowers the quality of minor details like grass and shadow to make the game seamless on low-end devices. Apparently, the difference did not matter to the gamers because the game was surprisingly good for a mobile game

Apart from sightseeing, the gamer can actually do something productive too like hunt treasure, raid dungeons, solve puzzles, make dangerous climbs, and kill humongous monsters. Mobile players were longing for such console-like gaming experience in iOS and Android as well.

The central story of Genshin Impact revolves around a traveler who ends up in the land of Teyvat. It is a highly disputed land where seven nations are having a hardcore battle to claim power. Each nation is loosely based on one of the real world countries like Germany, China, or Russia.

The team of main protagonists has to fight and rid this beautiful land of evil powers. The gamers have the ability to switch between different characters in order to get past obstacles and complete the quest. However, sometimes the swapping function can cause a disturbing situation due to some glitch. The swapped team member still appears on the screen with the playable one. It can break the immersion, but it is certainly not a big deal.

The Combat System Is Even More Satisfying

The gamer cannot just hack and slash his way through the pile of ugly monsters. A strategic approach is necessary to deal with different enemies and other scenarios. 7 elemental energies govern the land of Teyvat; Anemo (Wind), Geo (Earth), Electro (Lightening), Dendro (Nature), Hydro (Water), Pyro (Fire), and Cryo (Frost). These energies are controlled by 7 ruling entities called Archons who bestow incredible powers to humans through visions. Each nation worships its own Archon and bases its elemental power on that Archon’s energy.

Luckily the gamer can master all these energies to take on the menace. They can electrocute them, freeze them, bash them, or burn them alive. There are different types of enemies who have their own unique structure, powers, and combat style. From a tiny blob to a behemoth, each one requires an appropriate strategy to deal with. There are so many ways to engage in a battle which beats the typical linear gameplay. The open-ended strategy expands to include various character builds that gamer can use to strengthen the heroes. There is a total of 24 playable characters.

How Can A Free Game Earn So Much?

Endless customization options can allow users to choose the type of gear or weapons they want to use in the journey. Which brings the answer to the obvious question; how does Genshin Impact make money? It earns from the players’ desire of having the most exotic gear. Valuable items that can seriously help the player in his quest, are available to purchase for some real-world money, which might be a downer for some.

Still, so many players around the world are actively doing business with the game. According to the sensor tower report, 42% of its total revenue came from China, where players spent 25 million USD on the in-app purchases. Japanese players spent around 17 million USD, which contributes 29% to its total revenue. The US also loved this game as it spent more than 8 million USD, which makes up 13% of the total revenue.

The Gacha Monetization Model

The champion behind this success is the problematic Gacha system, which is ridiculed by almost every gamer. Players have criticized this model for its pay-to-win ideology because it puts off many players. They might feel like the game is trying to mug the player by showing off some cool items to use in the game. In other instances, it means that a richer player can buy the best gear quicker than the one who might not want to spend real-world money, but could be better at playing the game.

Nevertheless, each item sold by the game has a meaningful impact on its overall gameplay. The gamer can choose the item that is necessary at the right moment, rather than the attractive one. Strategic choices based on urgent circumstances are the best way to progress successfully in this complicated game. Otherwise, aimlessly spending hundreds of dollars will not take the player anywhere.

Gacha system is also rightfully criticized because the majority of the games are very appealing to the kids. The level of excitement inside a small human is like a time-bomb. Kids are likely to keep tapping the “yes” or “ok” button until they get the item. What they do not realize is that somewhere between all that tapping, they can trigger a transaction from the linked account. That account probably belongs to the parent who then has no choice but to dwell in sadness or scold the poor child.

Smarter way Of Doing Business

On the bright side, Genshin Impact has tried to integrate this model in a quiet and decent manner. There is still so much a player can do in the game without spending the real money. If the player is exploring and progressing through the story strategically, he might have already collected enough essentials to take on enemies, and level up the main characters and their abilities. Players are less likely to feel bottlenecked where they can’t progress without paying. Doing side missions like solving an environmental puzzle, give rewards which further decreases the probability of spending at the market.

Yet, the game has generated striking revenue since its launch. Experts predicted that this game could make around 100 million USD by the end of October. According to popular opinion, this is the first gamers saw a fair Gacha system

It seems like the developer made a smart move by removing the price tag completely, and relied on an interactive marketplace. If miHoYo keeps this up, they can truly define how game developers can approach monetization in the coming years.

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