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Fans Are Going Gaga Over Gigi Hadid’s Ethnic Eid Wear

American supermodel Gigi Hadid celebrated this Eid ul Adha with British Pakistani singer Zayn Malik in a traditional Pakistani attire. While everyone lauded the couple’s desi style of celebrating the event, it was Gigi Hadid’s ethnic eid wear that caught the attention of masses. The model chose to wear an orange Kurta by a Pakistani brand.

Gigi Hadid’s Ethnic Eid Wear

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s rumored relationship is the talk of the town from a last couple of years. A few months back they even announced their break up, but it seems that they couldn’t stay away from each other as they continue to hang out and show affection for each other via Instagram posts.

This time the showbiz couple took its relationship to another level as Gigi celebrated Eid ul Adha with Zayn Malik’s family. Just like members of her host family, she chose to wear traditional Pakistani dress and looked more than stunning. While fans were happy to see another together appearance of the celebrity couple, it was the Gigi Hadid’s ethnic Eid wear that made her talk of the town. So, people started looking for the whereabouts of that Kurta that the model chose to wear.

Here is how Gigi Hadid looked in her traditional attire.


Gigi Hadid reportedly shared her picture in an orange dress while celebrating Eid with Zayn Malik’s family on Instagram. Later, Zayn’s sister Waliyha Azad shared her family’s Eid picture on the social media platform.

Eid Mubarak?

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People Looking for Gigi Hadid’s Ethnic Wear

Soon after the Eid pictures of the celebrity went viral, everyone started looking up for Gigi Hadid’s ethnic wear. It seems that girls in Pakistan want to wear the same dress that one of the world’s highest paid models chose to wear on Eid.

Even Pakistani author and cultural critic Saba Imtiaz had to go through some struggle to figure out what Gigi wore on Eid.

Who Made Gigi Hadid’s Eid Dress

A UK based retailer that sells the Pakistani clothing brands shared the picture on Instagram and put an end to the curiosity of fans.


The Kurta that Gigi choose to wear on Eid is indeed an elegant piece, but traditional Pakistani dresses are way too awesome than this one.

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