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Scott Morrison Sworn In As Australia’s 30th Prime Minister

Scott Morrison was sworn in as Australia’s 30th prime minister after party rivals expelled Malcolm Turnbull in an upsetting leadership contest.

Scott Morrison vs Malcolm Turnbull :

Scott Morrison, the treasurer, won the inner ballot voting by 45-40, over previous Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton – who had been Malcolm Turnbull’s most articulated threat.

Mr. Turnbull was under immense pressure after terrible polling and what he expressed as an “insurgency” by conservative Ministers of Parliament.

Mr. Turnbull is the fourth Australian Prime Minister in a decade to be ousted by associates.

Why was Turnbull ousted?

With the elections approaching, Ministers of Parliament were agitated and alarmed about the government’s weak opinion polling and late by-election defeats.

Last week, a procession over energy policy triggered long-standing strains between Mr. Turnbull, a modest PM, and his party’s conservative faction.

Mr. Dutton, a conservative, then unsuccessfully provoked Mr. Turnbull on Tuesday, but his close defeat only stoked further disagreement.

Mr. Scott Morrison participated in the race after Mr. Turnbull lost his essential supporters. After a considerable number of MPs called for headship “spill,” Mr. Turnbull concurred to leave voluntarily.

To further embroil the situations, Mr. Turnbull has announced that he would resign from parliament, which would push the parliament into holding a by-election and possibly put the government’s one-seat dominance in danger thus forcing the new Prime Minister to call early elections.

However, on Friday, Mr. Morrison notified reporters that there are no plans to hold elections in the meantime or after a short time.

He also said that his government would be set up by next week.

Who is Scott Morrison?

Scott Morrison is an Australian Politician who previously served as Managing Director of Tourism Australia official. He professionally entered politics by joining parliament in 2007 and has since held three critical ministerial portfolios; Minister of Social Services, Minister of Immigration and Border Protection, Minister of Treasure of Australia.

After Friday’s polling, Mr. Morrison expressed his concerns about the party, stating that he will be working to bring the party back together which has been scattered in different ways along with the primary focus of uniting the country together.

He also said, “our most urgent and pressing need right now is dealing with a severe drought, which has hit parts of eastern Australia.

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