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Why Gmail and YouTube Went Down in Different Countries of the World

Google and YouTube along with Gmail and drive suddenly stopped working. This affected the users globally who depend upon the services of the company. The unexpected global issue resulted in dilemma and curiosity. Moreover, the public started making jokes and memes after the technical problem was resolved and the links were back to normal. 

Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube and servics related to the driver were impacted. However, users could still browse.

The services of Gmail and YouTube were back after remaining suspended for one hour.

Gmail and YouTube Crash

While YouTube was down, it showed something went wrong as a message. As per some people, it was funny because of the monkey but also annoying since they couldn’t access their favorite video site. 

On the other hand, Gmail was unable to open the emails which were quite worrisome for several people including those whose work relies on emails.  

A similar case happened in 2019 when the google server got crashed and left Gmail and drive inaccessible.   

YouTube on Video Streaming Website Going Down

The YouTube team tweeted to inform that they were aware of the crucial situation and were looking into the problem to resolve the issues. They also assured to soon update the users regarding what went wrong with the sites. 

Public reactions on Google Crash

The users of Google and YouTube funnily expressed their feeling regarding the recent glitch. They shared memes and made jokes about how the problem has made them feel. 

It’s amusing how people searched on google for the reason behind the malfunctioning of Google. 

Every time, YouTube video stops or start to buffer, people tend to check if their internet connection is stable or not. Well, the issue with Gmail, YouTube, and Google made them feel the same. However, they realized that it’s not their Wi-Fi that stopped working. .

Being reliant on the world’s most used and popular video site means that people can’t live without it. Thus, when it stopped for a while, it felt like the world was on fire and was going to meet its end. 

 Where to Get Entertainment From?

What was wrong that Gmail and YouTube stopped working together. Users who took the opportunity of gmail going down for taking a break went to YouTube and found that it was also not working.

The crash for whatsoever reason it was, is making users question the monopoly of the tech giants. Just like Facebook’s owning Instagram and WhatsApp gives it an edge in the world of social networking, Google’s control on work and entertainment (since YouTube has more access than other streaming media) makes users too much dependent upon it.

The recent incident of Gmail and YouTube’s sudden crash leads to the conclusion that too much dependence upon the one resource is not in the favor of users, since they can run out of options in case of any glitch.

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