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Google Server Crash Leaves Gmail and Google Drive Inaccessible

Google’s servers crashed globally leaving Gmail and Google drive inaccessible in many parts of the world. The regions most affected by the Google server crash are Asia, Australia, and the EU.

When Did Google Server Crash Happened?

At about 10 pm yesterday users started reporting problems with Gmail and other Google services.

In a press statement, Google representatives told that it was aware of the problem and has its team working on. They didn’t comment on what caused the Google Server crash.

Luckily Google’s engendering team managed to fix the problem within two hours, but it took several hours to fix  YouTube . The server crash affected many businesses adversely. Businesses associated with advertisement and targeting marketing were the most adversely affected.

Professional YouTubers were also among the people who suffered adversely as they lost a significant chunk of their revenue according to some experts. 

Other businesses to cope with the problem decided to switch to other emails for security and to keep the flow of information between them and relevant parties intact.

Now that the problem is fixed it’s as if nothing ever happened everything’s back to normal and people have resumed their day to day activities.

People’s Reaction to Google Server Crash

People and business took a breath of relief when the problem got resolved. They felt as if a new soul was poured into them.

Some got so angry that they decided to fire Google

The server crash caused complete mayhem

Other just lost it and hyped the situation to a whole new level

There were a few who suggested that if Google servers crash has affected everyone globally an international holiday should just be declared, and the worker should be allowed to go home.

Some feel that there is no better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the internet.

Folks were even so thrilled about crash.

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