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Google Ad Blocker May Be Launched By Search Engine Giant

Google ad blocker may be in works by the search engine giant Google. The search engine company is planning to unveil the Google ad blocker in the next Chrome browser to filter a particular type of advertisements.

Google Ad Blocker Against the Business Model

Google is globally recognized for its online advertising products Google Adsense and Google Ad Words. The search engine company believes that by introducing its own version of Google Ad Blocker, it is preventing users from using ad blockers by other software publishers.

Google is reportedly targeting those kinds of advertisements which are disruptive in nature including auto play videos, popups, and interstitials. Google already does not support these kinds of advertisements.

The online advertising industry is already battling with ad blocking software.

Standards for Google Ad Blocker

No company better understands online ad blocking than Google. Therefore, Google is expected to create the ad blocker using the standards set for non-intrusive advertising.

Also, the desktop versions of the ad blockers are rapidly growing. However, mobile versions of the ad blocker will take time before they actually that kind of user demand.

Let us have a quick look at some famous ad blockers for Google Chrome.

Ad Block for Chrome

Google Ad Blocker May Be LaunchedAd block for Chrome takes care of all advertisements including unwanted videos to let the users smoothly browse the internet. Hence, the blocker does not block YouTube videos but offers different options to improve your online journey The blocker comes in both free and paid versions.

Fair Ad Block for Chrome

Fair ad blocker is for your Chrome browser. This ad blocker takes care of a lot of advertisements. However, it still serves the users with charity related advertisements. Therefore, it blocks some of the typical advertisements like overlays, auto-play ads, and YouTube advertisements.

Simply Block Ads

Simply block ads is another choice available to the users. This ad blocker takes care of background adverts, videos, undesired popups, and text advertisements. The add-on for Chrome comes without paying any additional costs. Just install the extension and use it to block all the annoying advertisements.


Disconnect is another add-on you can install to block advertisements. Privacy is an important matter to a lot of the internet users. Disconnect blocks the trackers which track your personal information. There is a blacklist where you can see the blocker advertisements.

Google knows the market well enough to come up with ad blocker that competes with and effectively beats all other software available for this purpose. So, let us see what features are offered by Google ad blocker once it is released for the end users.

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