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HTC Squeezable Phone To Get Launched Soon

HTC is in works to launch a squeezable phone. The HTC squeezable phone would surely revolutionize the display of the smartphones.

HTC was once the leading brand of Android smartphones. However, lately, likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have taken over the industry.

The HTC squeezable phone seems another attempt by the company to relaunch its brand to its previous glory. The company has announced HTC U. It is the first HTC squeezable phone announced by the company.

The Video of HTC Squeezable Phone

HTC announced the phone on its Twitter account. The phone seems to be a lot slim and will have stereo speakers.

Leaked Features of HTC U Squeezable Phone

The new phone’s features include the following.

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What’s the Squeeze About?

HTC Squeezable Phone To Get Launched SoonThe most important feature of the phone is a squeeze. So what this HTC squeeze is?

The phone is equipped with Edge Sense. This technology lets the phone recognize pressure applied on its sides. The HTC squeeze lets you press the phone from its sides to launch different functions of the phone. The video shows the hand holding the HTC U is gradually squeezing it.

The company has announced May 16th at 2:00 am E.T as date and time for the release of HTC U phone.

Here is a look at technologies expected in smartphones.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality has evolved a great deal. Smartphones are the best portable devices to support AR. The increased processing speeds empower the new smartphones to render graphics at fast speeds. The new AR apps also support the GPS technology for location is driven searches and services.

Flexible Screens

Mobile screens are rigid and unbendable. The new smartphones are expected to have bendable displays. These bendable phones are easy to carry around. Recently, a rumor surfaced of iPhone 9 to have a folding screen.

Holograms and 3D Screens

Holograms and 3D screens are a great addition to the already feature-rich modern smartphones. Hence, the hologram would make it easy for the users to enjoy the entertainment content. They feature DLP (Digital Light Projection) to project up to 50 inches in size at 15 lumens.

Voice Controlled Phones

Siri has made voice control a lot more famous. Voice recognition function was not that good in earlier smartphone models. However, upgrade to the software, and better processing has solved a lot of these issues. Research has also contributed to the advanced development of voice controls.

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