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3 Events In Grammy Awards 2021 That Are Worth Watching

The Grammy Awards 2021 revealed the big achievements of some of the popular faces of the entertainment world. The big names including Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, and Megan Thee Stallion became the highlights of the show. Also, some performances by the stars shocked the audience with charm and a spectacular showcase of the talent. Besides, some special guests appeared and shocked the spectators with their actions at the big event. All in all, the charisma and magic created on the giant platform made the 63rd Grammys a huge success. 

Grammy Awards 2021 Winners 

Among the biggest victory moments of Grammy awards 2021, some glorifying ones include the celebrities receiving the rewards for their contributions to the industry. Beyonce is among the Grammy awards holders as she won 28th time. The recording academy presented her with the best R&B performance award. Her achievement made her one of the most awarded female artists in the history of Grammys. 

The song ‘Everything I Wanted’ by Billie Eilish made her win the record of the year award. While receiving the event’s biggest prize, she mentioned how weirdly embarrassing it was for her since the audience should have cheered for Megan Thee Stallion instead of her. 

Taylor Swift won Album of the year for her ‘Folklore’ song collection and created history by becoming the first female to receive this trophy for the third time.

Lastly, Megan Thee Stallion debuted in the 63rd Grammys by winning the title of the best new artist.  

Biggest Performances Of The Evening 

Megan Thee Stallion took the stage as she amazed the spectators, and fans with her live performance. She sang ‘Body’ and ‘Savage’ at the Grammy Awards 2021. Also, her bold appearance became evidence of why she was handed over with a trophy at the big ceremony.

Furthermore, the stunning moments of the Sunday night include Cardi B and Megan’s ‘WAP’ singing performance. The widely popular song performed by the Grammy winners turned out to be the limelight of the whole show. 

Surprising Moment Of Night 

Numerous moments at the Grammy Awards 2021 captured the attention of the audience. Lilly Singh, the YouTuber, and talk show host made an appearance at the Grammys with something out of the blue. She wore a mask that had “I stand with farmers” written on it. 

Her Instagram account evidently supports her action as the caption represents her support for the Indian farmers who have been protesting against the Indian government. The farmers have been asking to eradicate the law merging Farmers with the big companies. Singh’s presence at the event while wearing a mask was to deliver her message to the whole world since such shows get good media coverage. 

In addition, previously, Pop Star Rihanna also talked about the Farmers’ Protest. She tweeted about them around the time Dehli, India faced Internet crises during the clash between farmers and the police officials.

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