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Top 5 Must to Try Greek Food to Satisfy the Taste Buds

When we talk about Greek food, then something that immediately comes to our mind is the ‘olives.’ But, what most people don’t know is that Greek culture is rich with the tasty and delicious food. The country which is home to a prominent ancient civilization boasts the cuisines which are rarely found in any other place of the world.

Most Popular Greek Food

Public events like capital region Greek festival in Wormleysburg that takes place in mid of the May offers the unique food to the visitors.  Such cultural festivals, as we previously mentioned about Lahore Eat, indeed offer a variety of options to feast upon.  Let’s have a look at famous and diverse Greek food that one can only find at festivals and that one must try to appease the taste buds.

  1. Baklava

For those who have a sweet tooth, Baklava is a must to try pastry. The food is, in fact, nothing more than layers of honey and walnut. Those who are attending the Greek Festival can have a variety of Baklava at the venue. Other variations of this food can be a vanilla flavor Sundae topped with Baklava or a simple Baklava cake.

  1. Moussaka

It seems that those who will attend the Greek food festival are going to have a real-time feast, especially when Moussaka will make to the festival. This food that uses eggplant, seasoned sirloin and béchamel sauce is a complete meal in itself. Folks who are always on a look for the food which is healthy, nutritious and satisfying can’t resist trying Moussaka. Another thing about this dish is that it defines the traditional Greek cuisines.

  1. Saganaki

It is said that food must have two traits; First is that it should look good, or its presentation should be in such a manner that it appeases to the eyes. Second is that it must be tasty. But Saganaki which is delicious Greek food is unique and stands out from all those traits because its preparation is worth watching. The Saganaki is, in fact, another name of flaming Kefalotiri cheese. Those who buy it from an event like Greek festival at Wormleysburg can witness the preparation scene live.

  1. Gyro

It doesn’t matter whether you are from Middle East, Asia, Africa, or America; you are going to love Gyro, a Greek food which is an alternate of a stuffed donor or a sandwich. The dish is nothing but grilled meat wrapped with tomatoes in pita bread. Those who want to enjoy a unique Greek food that doesn’t sound too alien must try out Gyro; it is in fact somehow relatable to every culture.

  1. Loukoumades

Here comes another honey coated sweet delight in the form of Loukoumades. This Greek Food is another version of Baklava, but it comes in the form of dough balls, which are relatively cheaper. Loukoumades also serve as the perfect snacks; something that one looks in the Food Subscription boxes.

Apart from all the names mentioned above Pork Souvlaki, Tiropita, and Frappe Coffee are other unique Greek food that one must look for.

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