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Social Media Trolls Gunnah Tax on Smoking For Its Ridiculous Name

Here comes another decision of PTI government that has landed it in hot waters. This time Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan has decided to impose  gunnah tax on cigarettes and carbonated drinks to curb smoking. Now folks on social media who mostly seem to agree with this initiative are trolling government over the name for many reasons.

Criticism on Gunnah Tax

Even a government minister Faisal Vawda criticized this name Gunnah tax and asked if we name smoking as gunnah then what are we going to call other sins.

As If criticism on 100 Days Performance Ad was not enough that this Gunnah Tax thing came.

Trolls were coming in form of some hilarious suggestions. Like, this user recommended dividing this tax into smaller sin and bigger sin according to quantity of cigarette one smokes.

And this guy wanted to say “Jab Jeena Haram Ho Jaaye to Nasha bhi Halal Ho Jaata Hai”

This dude also referred to controversial picture of smoking Mahira Khan with Ranbir Kapoor and also Imran Khan’s youth days to make case for cigarette smoking, which was actually funny.

A Reference to Universal Term Sin Tax

Few people were defending this term by referring to Sin Tax which is still used in different countries of the world. According to them there was nothing wrong in this name as it was merely a translation. And, the name might be helpful in curbing smoking as it may make smokers realize about committing a sin and thus prompting them to quit.

The worn out argument “the world has reached the moon and we are still talking about gunnah and sawab” also echoed in the form of Spacex’s recent initiatives.

A Gunnah Tax on smoking but what about other sins like doing drugs etc.

It was not only criticism, people were suggesting alternative names as well.

What an idea by the way. If we start imposing Gunnah tax on every single sin then government can indeed generate surplus revenue, after all human beings are prone to sinning. And, this Twitter user was right to point out the vast scope of this tax.

Trolls also targeted people who voted for PTI to give them at least one chance in center.

Here emerged some genuine questions as well.

Again they were asking why only smoking why other sins shouldn’t come in this jurisdiction.

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