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PTI Government Faces Backlash for Its 100 Days Progress Advertisement

PTi Government has finally completed its first 100 days in office and started bombarding newspapers with the advertisements of its performance. Ironically, PTI is following the same path, characteristic of PML-N, thus refuting a case for a New Pakistan.

Criticism on PTI Government for Advertising  100 Days Performance

PTI, when in opposition, used to criticize PML-N for heavily spending on advertisement. Then, Punjab Government headed by Chief Minister Punjab was famous for publishing blank page advertisements as teaser for the upcoming projects and getting criticized for spending taxpayer’s money.

Now the public is shocked after seeing a dedicated page to PTI government’s advertisements in the form of newspaper headlines that showed its performance in a prominent English and Urdu dailies. Apart from selected newspaper headlines there was also a section with a sentence “We have been busy” or Hum masroof thay.

Unveiling 100 Days Progress

Apparently, these advertisements seem to be part of government’s unveiling of its 100 days progress. Till now, it is not sure whether the promotional campaign is being funded by the government’s resources or the party’s funds. But, one thing is clear that it is not receiving a welcoming response from the public. In fact, it is proving a case for nothing has changed in Naya Pakistan in PTI’s first 100 days.

Let’s have a look at what folks on social media are saying about it.

Such Advertisement Was Useless Despite Good Performance

They were not expecting this at all

Saad Hamid was optimist that at least there was no photograph of a politician on top. It is to be noted that Shehbaz Sharif’s leader optimized portrait in any government advertisements used to be a common sight.

Few were calling it an absolute non-sense

A Better Alternate of Using This Money?

Folks were also opining that PTI Government could have better used this money in some progressive initiative like Dam Fund rather than spending on useless ads.

There were some hints at Aamir Liaquat’s second marriage as well.

Now it has become different for them to distinguish between PTI and PML-N.

A harsh criticism for wasting taxpayer’s money?

Satisfaction of Social Media

The supporters of PTI government are also sharing the social media polls according to which a majority of people showed satisfaction to first 100 days progress. But, it is to be noted that there is no lack of controversies that government faced in three months of its tenure. Still it has been lucky enough to claim the credit of a historic event like opening of Kartarpur corridor, which has indeed helped government garner some favor even among its critics.

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