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Video of Indian Boxer Mary Kom Singing Lata Mageshkar Song Goes Viral

Who doesn’t know Mary Kom, the famous Indian boxer who recently won 6th world championship title in women’s boxing. Kom who hails from the Indian state of Manipur is celebrated as a hero in her country due to her great achievements in boxing field.

Recently, fans got to watch another side of their favorite boxer when a video of her singing Lata Mangeshkar song went viral on social media.

Mary Kom Singing Lata Mangeshkar Song

The viral Facebook video shows Mary Kom on a stage, probably in an event where she sings Lata Mangeshkar’s hit song Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh from the film Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai.

In the video, Mary Kom struggles to sing the song and succeeds. Later, the audiences that seems quite overwhelmed, responds with a huge applause.

Let’s have a look at the clip that a user Diepak Talwalker shared on Facebook.

Well, it looks more than awesome. Mary has always won the hearts of her fans in the ring. This time watching her clad in a fancy dress and in a dashing look while attempting to sing a Lata Mangeshkar hit was no less than treat. The moment was indeed worth an applause.


Mary Kom Winning 6th Women Boxing Championship

It’s not been so long since Mary Kom made history by winning the women boxing championship in Dehli for the sixth time. 35 years old athlete had defeated Ukranian boxer Hanna Okhota and won the championship with a decisive victory of 5-0. She had reached the finale after beating North Korea’s Mi Hyang Kim.

After the brilliant success of Indian boxer, Indian people from all fields of the life congratulated the champion and shared their feelings of proud that she had brought for them,

It was indeed a historic moment for India and the Mary Kom after she became the first women to win the sixth gold medal in boxing.

A Film on the Life of Mary Kom

The journey that Mary Kom traveled to reach this destination was not such an easy one. The champion had to face several hurdles and fight against the odds. Achieving this big despite coming from a small state was also not such an easy thing.

There is also a movie on the life of Mary Kom where Priyanka Chopra depicts her struggle through her brilliant acting. The film had also proved to be breakthrough in Priyanka’s career. The film shows how Mary made a name in her field along with continuing a well balanced family life.

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