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Hania Amir Prank Confuses Fans About Saba Qamar’s Breakup

Pakistani Film and TV star, Hania Amir was trending on social media after announcing her engagement with the singer Shamoon Malik. It later turned out that it was just an April Fool’s Day prank. The actor wanted to lighten up the mood of her fans with a little joke. However, it faced massive backlash from the fans. On the other hand, actor Saba Qamar also posted about calling off her wedding. Hania Amir prank also led many to think that Saba was also pranking, but she wasn’t.

Hania Amir Prank Fails To Hit its Mark

The actress announced in an Instagram post that the singer was also in on this prank. It was meant as a fun activity and to make her fans laugh. She further claimed that she will definitely post some high-resolution images whenever there’ll be real engagement news.

Sadly, not many people laughed at this shenanigan. In fact, they had some very rude remarks for the actress. Some told her to stop being immature while others accused her of being an attention seeker.

Pakistanis did not welcome Hania Amir prank and called it cringeworthy. They shared different memes on her to explain why her prank was only funny for her.

Social media users clearly do not find the actress funny. Some of them even went as far as labeling her unbearable. They wondered how the singer Asim Azhar managed to be her friend for so long. However, according to Hania, her friendship with Asim is now over.

Apparently, some Pakistanis do like to watch prank videos but even they felt that Hania Amir prank was the worst one they have ever seen.

Saba Qamar’s Announcement

Saba announced that she was not getting married anymore to blogger Azeem Khan due to a lot of personal reasons. She requested her fans and friends to support her decision like they always have. Furthermore, she made it clear that she was only connected to Azeem through the phone and has never met him in person.

Unfortunately, those who already saw Hania Amir prank did not take Saba’s message seriously. They thought that she was pranking as well so added her in their memes as well.

Saba had previously pulled a prank in collaboration with Bilal Saeed during the filming of the ‘Qubool Hai’ song. Most fans were surprised to see both of them inside the mosque wearing bridal clothes. They thought that both stars were getting married until they clarified.

What Are Hania And Saba Working On?

Saba Qamar has plenty of projects lined up including a web series on ZEE5 and films; Kamli and Ghabrana Nahi Hai. On the contrary, Hania Amir’s last project was Dil Ruba which ended in September 2020. After that, there is no news of her next project.

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