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6 Funny Harry And Meghan Memes Going Viral On Desi Twitter

The historic interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been making waves all around the world. People have been constantly criticizing the British Royal Family after Meghan revealed the questionable treatment she received at the palace. Aside from feeling bad about the couple, many have shared hilarious Harry and Meghan memes, that related to their own situation.

Desi Twitter Joins Harry and Meghan Memes Party

This led some Pakistani and Indian social media users to realize that it may relate to some of them as well.

Here are 6 of the funniest Harry and Meghan memes by India and Pakistan.

Problem In Accepting Daughter In Law

The most common issues in a brown household are related to trust. They mostly find it hard to accept the married bride as part of their core family. It is usually the husband’s mother and sister, who normalize complaining about the wife. After every little quarrel, most households even threaten to kick out the woman from the house in which she’s married. Sadly, it is so common in Pakistani societies, that it has found its way in the Harry and Meghan memes.

The Dark Solution

Due to the influence of black magic in human societies, many consider this as a solution to get whatever they want. Some brown folks wondered that what if the interview was in India or Pakistan and the host asked if the couple tried that to calm everyone down in the Palace. No better way to align it with the way Pakistani TV host Sameena Peerzada ask a question. She would suddenly ask a strange random question out of nowhere while the guest was already answering the previous question.

The creative lot created many Sameena Peerzada memes on her method of interviews. She went heart-to-heart with celebrities on a YouTube channel called Speak Your Heart.

The Familiar Illusion Of Freedom

A brilliant meme below describes how the matter of women’s freedom is still a problem for some groups. Not only in brown households but even on the internet, someone ill-educated desi man will always pop up randomly under women’s supportive posts. He would then try to defuse the message of the post by prolonging the argument on women’s freedom baselessly. Oprah’s reaction at the end, says it all.

The Harry and Meghan memes are not only limited to criticizing monarchial racism. Pakistani memes have used it to mock the thresholds that desi societies pursue instead of tolerance and acceptance.

India Wants Something Back

Meghan Markle’s revelation of the British Royal family has won her many fans. Some of them think that she’s gonna take down the monarchy. So, they want her to end colonial looting as well and return the Kohinoor Diamond to whoever it belongs.

Reportedly, India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghani Taliban have claimed this rare diamond possessed by the crown.

Inbred Sense Of Supremacy

One meme described British Imperialism perfectly and implied that the Queen, Philips, and Charles did exactly the same thing to Meghan. 

No Response

A mother-in-law who always criticizes the wife eventually creates an uncomfortable environment, where it is difficult to communicate. So it’s likely that she won’t be doing any banter with the wife.

Anyone who likes this popular Punjabi song from the 2000s would religiously chant ‘oho’ after the main lines.

Is The Queen Angry At Meghan

Out of all Harry and Meghan memes, this might be a bit imaginatively violent. It jokingly shows how people are curious to know what the Queen and other Royalists are feeling right now. 

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