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This Samina Peerzada Meme Is the Funniest Thing on Social Media

Pakistani social media fraternity can never let go an opportunity to make a meme out of a situation or some already viral content. Recently, they have come up with a Samina Peerzada meme from the popular YouTube show Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada.

In this show, the veteran actress interviews the celebrities from Pakistani showbiz industry and asks them about the experiences of personal and professional life.

The show has gained popularity, because of the comfort level that Samina develops with interviewees and asks them about their past to give a real sneak peek into their lives. Briefly, she just makes celebrities to speak their hearts out.

The Famous Samina Peerzada Meme

The actual meme moment of this show began when Samina began asking a question about childhood life and the activities that kids are habitual of performing. For example, there were questions like Kabhi Darakht Charhey (Have you ever climbed the tree) that spurred the now viral Samina Peerzada meme in which folks are asking out some hilarious questions.

Some questions are much ridiculous.

And, this one was likely to come because it is also the season of Ramadan memes.

There were some legit questions as well…

What If She Actually Asked These Questions

Not every one thinks these memes to be funny.

There is also an opinion that Samina Peerzada conducts interview with such a grace and she doesn’t deserve to be mocked in this way.

Well, it is the time of social media and there is hardly in such viral content that can escape the creativity of meme brigade. Or who knows if it is just native marketing adding to the popularity of those show.

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