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21 Students Decide To Leave Education After Murder Of Hayat Baloch

21 university students from Gawadar, Balochistan have decided to quit their institution during degree programs as a protest. It is reported that they have retaliated with this move against the killing of Hayat Baloch by a military officer of Frontier Corps (FC); a paramilitary force that oversees border areas and Balochistan and KPK provinces of Pakistan.

On 13th August, some terrorists attacked the convoy of FC with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) that injured three officers. According to the reports, Hayat Baloch was among the locals who were called for interrogation. During the process, Naik Shadiullah of FC abruptly opened fire and killed Baloch in front of his parents. Protests in various cities broke out after this incident which reportedly led to the arrest of the officer who killed Baloch.

Nationwide Protests To Demand Justice For Hayat Baloch

These 21 students who are ready to quit education have done so as part of the protest but street demonstrations have also been going on since the murder and delay in the investigation. Students all over Balochistan showed solidarity with the deceased.

The Pakistani government is criticized for failing to deal with violence in Balochistan. Students in Pakistan have held a protest in various cities to demonstrate their frustration with the cruelty that lead to the murder of an innocent student.

It is reported that the culprit from FC was arrested when the victim’s father identified him among different suspects. However, no pictures or official reports were posted.

Students Protesting By Quitting Degrees

Sadly there was a lack of reports on the name of university and students. It was also not confirmed how they took such an extreme step to demonstrate their anger towards governmental crimes. It is every citizen’s right to protest against the cruelty they have faced in any form but quitting degrees might not be the right way to demonstrate anger against the state. At the end of the day, it just harms the students as their time gets wasted.

Completing the degree should have been the first priority because it faintly increases the number of literacy rates in Pakistan. It allows the person to enlighten their mind, body, and soul so these organs can avoid surrendering to irrelevant desires. Education must be the only thing that matters in this country. It is highly that if that military personnel who killed Hayat had a conscious powered by knowledge, Baloch would have been alive today.

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