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5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kickstart Your Day

The very first question we often face in the morning is what to eat? Let’s admit that we are too demanding about breakfast; it should be nutritious, delicious, healthy, easy to prepare and capable of keeping us full until lunch. So, do such magical recipes exist? The answer is yes, and the good news is that you don’t need the services of a qualified chef for this. There are scores of healthy breakfast recipes that you can look for to explore the best options for you.

Here, we have made this task easy by making a list of 5 healthy breakfast recipes.

  1. Berry Omelette Roll

A healthy breakfast recipe must have all the vital nutrients including, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and water. Berry Omelette not only has all these essential food components but also ability to satiate the taste buds. You can even customize this Omelette by adding the ingredients of your choice. Like, your Omelette can have onions, tomatoes, green chilies and other such spices. But you have the flexibility to utilize them according to taste and health preferences. While Omelette offers an excellent source to fill your protein requirements, Berries supply anti-oxidants to the body. Keep in mind that Berry Omelette doesn’t mean frying those berries with egg, you can just make a roll of these two components.

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter with Apple

The famous quote “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away,” has not remained successful in prompting us to eat an apple every day. But, this breakfast recipe will surely do this task. All you need is to put peanut butter on equally cut apple slices while adding chocolate dressing to them. This recipe is not only healthy and nutritious but also delicious. After all, no one ever wants to ditch a combo of peanut butter with chocolate. This breakfast recipe is a must try for busy people who look for health and fitness tips.

Breakfast Recipes

  1. Berry Smoothie

Berries have always remained a necessary part of healthy breakfast recipes. They not only replenish body’s nutrient requirements but also boost the natural detox system through anti-oxidants. Starting your day with a glass of berry smoothie is a good idea. Usually, people even go with a Banana smoothie, but it doesn’t prove to be a healthy alternative, especially for those who are looking to lose some weight.

  1. Green Omelette

Well, this recipe is something that oriental people would love to try. Apart from breakfast, this can serve the purpose as a perfect snack with evening tea. It offers a healthy option for starting a day. Green Omelette which is often known as Green Fritter in few regions of the world utilizes a combination of eggs and green veggies like broccoli. You consume this delicious food either with brown bread as well.

  1. Avocado Toast

Avocados are a perfect fruit to be a part of healthy breakfast recipes. They are not only rich in potassium but also less in cholesterol and hence prove to be the best nutritious food option. They are also a good alternate of junk food that affects brain functioning.  A usual toast that just carries fried egg is not always sufficient. Using a spread of mashed avocados on a toast along with fried eggs constitutes all the nutrients that your body needs. The good about this recipe is that it is much easy to make.

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