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Eating Pizza for Breakfast Can Be Healthier Alternate of Cereals

You must have heard nutritionists admonishing people about side effects of eating Pizza and how it is a significant cause of obesity among American Kids and adults. Well, here is good news for Pizza lovers, as this delicious food is not as much unhygienic as they have been told. It can help reduce weight by acting as a balanced diet.

How Eating Pizza Can Be Good for Health

Recently, researches and claims have surfaced about Pizza being a better alternative to cereal for breakfast. It is interesting that people love to have Pizza for dinner, during snacks or for lunch, but no one considers it an ideal food to eat in the morning. Even the healthiest breakfast recipes which are popular among diet conscious people don’t contain anything like it.

According to a recent claim by a nutritionist pizza as being an unfit food for breakfast might not be true beyond the myth. It can prove a better alternative to cereals.

A Case In Favor of Eating Pizza

A NewYork based nutritionist Chelsey Amer has claimed that eating Pizza in breakfast can help people take a balanced diet. She builds her case in favor of Pizza by the protein and sugar content. According to health websites, which have referred to her claims, Chelsey is of opinion that Pizza may not replace all those cereals but is inevitably a better alternate for flakes with more sugar content.

She has furthered her claims by saying that cereals don’t contain proteins, but Pizza does have proteins along with sugars. A bowl of cereals cooked with milk and added sugar has the same calories as that of Pizza but later is more healthy for its protein content.

What Is Better Breakfast Option

While making her claims, Chelsey has emphasized that not all kinds of Pizza are capable of replacing cereals for breakfast.

One doesn’t need to consult a nutritionist to figure out if eating Pizza is good to start a day or not. It only takes a knowledge about the impact of different ingredients. For example, kind of Pizza that has veggies in it can offer the benefits of high fiber food,  up to some extent. And, now they are coming up with Pizza options that accommodate, cherries, and even berries, but they are still far away to get accepted into the club of Pizza eaters. Meanwhile, there is no harm in eating Pizza as long as it has ingredients that offer all those necessary nutrients with the required amount of calories.

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