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A New Trailer For Hobbs & Shaw Is Out And Fans Are Loving It

The second trailer for Hobbs and Shaw is out, and it’s even better than the last one. The new trailer features both presumed convicts out to save the world, what can go wrong. The movie will hit the theatres on  August 2 and is sure to be a blast.

The trailer shows ex-lawman Luke Hobbs and ex British special forces operative Shaw team up unwillingly of course to stop a genius mad man played by Idris Elba a genetically modifies soldier hell-bent on modifying the human race genetically and hence alter it forever. Somewhere along the way the mad man manages to outsmart a brilliant rouge M16 agent played by Vanessa Kirby who happens to be Shaw’s sister also enlists there help.

Hobbs and Shaw is one of the most anticipated movies of 2019.

How are Fans Reacting to Hobbs and Shaw Trailer?

The new trailer is officially out and has become the talk of the town. After viewing the new trailer people some people have lost it.

The movies also feature Roman Rains the famous WWE superstar who’s taken a short leave of absence due to remission leukemia. The WWE superstar plays the role of Hobbs cousin in the movie.

There are those who can’t wait for the action of film.

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