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Uber and Lyft Introduce New Safety Measures for Passengers

Uber and lyft introduce safety measures to protect further and ensure customer safety. These measures come as a result of the murder of Samantha Josephson who got into a random car thinking it was her Uber ride.

The New Safety Measures by Uber and lyft

This isn’t the first time that uber and lyft customer have mistakenly got into the wrong car. Multiple such reports suggesting that both companies were aware of such incidents occurring have surfaced, but no action was taken to address it.

Both companies have taken a slightly different step to prevent such incidents from occurring. Every time a person is about to enter its ride Uber will issue an alert asking the rider to check the license plate, model of the car. Also confirm the picture, name of the driver and as the rider your name to make sure that you’re getting into the right vehicle.

Uber CEO while taking to the media assured that customer safety was at the heart of the company’s policies and all steps were being taken to increase customer Security. Uber has teamed up with South Carolina University and plans to introduce the alert system in South Carolina first, then to the rest of the country.

While lyft, on the other hand, promised that it would introduce a new background checking policies that its drives must comply to ensure customer safety. Under the new policy, drivers will have to provide real-time photo meaning that the driver needs to take a selfie before signing into the platform and compare it to a driver’s license. Anyone caught violating this policy will be banned. 

South Carolina University’s Views on the Matter

In a press release, the University while conveying its sympathies to the victim’s families said they were deeply distressed about the incident. To prevent such incidents from occurring again, it has partnered with Uber on its request in helping develop its new safety feature

Since the death of Samantha Josephson, the university has taken steps to educate its student to prevent such events from occurring.

Other universities have also taken steps to prevent such incidents.

Response and Criticism Facing Uber and Lyft

Both the companies especially Uber have faced heavy criticism from the general public. Many customers think that introducing such safety features is not enough; they need to educate and train their drivers to prevent such unfortunate happenings.

Some while acknowledging how they have revolutionized transportation  feel the public need to be educated as well.

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