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David and Louise Turpin Sentenced To Life In Prison For Torturing Their 13 Children

David and Louise Turpin, a couple of Perris California, pleaded guilty for torturing their children for years. On Friday the court sentenced the couple to life in prison and will be eligible for parole after 25 years.

David and Louise Turpin at Court Proceeding

While standing before Riverside County Superior Court Judge Bernard J. Schwartz both David and Louise Turpin read their statements telling their children how sorry they were for what they did.

David Turpin while reading his statement said he had no ill intentions towards his children. The only reason both the parents acted the way they did was to protect them. While Louise Turpin said, she loved her children and is sorry for what she did. She further said she didn’t want to hurt her children.

The Children Speech In Court

Before the sentencing, some of the Turpin children gave a victim-impact statement at the proceeding. One of their adult daughters who is 30 yrs of age entered the room with tears running down her face stated that her parents had deprived her of her youth and took her entire life from her.

She further opined that now she was going to college and this was her first step towards taking her life back. She told that even though life had mistreated her, she continues to remain strong if not stronger and would not change despite how hard her parents had tried to change her.

One of David and Louise Turpinsons, who is 27 years old stepped on to the podium and read a statement from one of his siblings before giving his remarks. The judge denied the press from filming or taking any photo of the children.

He stated he couldn’t describe what he had been through, and he still had nightmares of what happened. Watching his siblings chained up was very disturbing but it was the past, and this was now. He had forgiven his parents for what they did to them, and they love them dearly.

When Did the Incident Came to Light

The horrible treatment of the Turpin children came to light when the couple’s 17-year-old daughter managed to call the police and complained about her parent’s abusive attitude towards her and her siblings in January 2018.

She added that her siblings were tied up in chains. When the dispatcher asked her address, she had no clue, and despite being 17 years old, she didn’t know how to read

The police immediately launched an investigation the police eventually located the house and were shocked at the conditions the children were kept in. They immediately took David and Louise Turpin into custody.

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