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Insulting Bernie Sanders Lands Elon Musk in Hot Waters

Recently, Elon Musk, the Tesla founder mocked the 80 years old senator, Bernie Sanders on Twitter. The senator tweeted that extremely wealthy people should pay taxes. As a response, Musk mocked him and said that he forgot if Bernie was still alive or not. The way he responded made him a target of criticism and bad comments. People shared their views about the bizarre thing the Tesla owner had said.

Elon Musk’s Obnoxious Words About Bernie Sanders Attract Criticism

The senator, Bernie Sanders tweeted about those who are fairly rich as they should pay taxes. Upon which, Elon Musk made fun of the senator’s age. Bernie didn’t reply to the mockery but the business tycoon kept on sending bizarre tweets. He also asked Sanders if he should sell more stocks. In another tweet, he mentioned that the senior politician was a taker and not a maker. Many people on social media found his words absurd and asked him to stop the nonsense and just pay the taxes.

Public Wrath on the Billionaire’s Inappropriate Sense of Humor

Several reputed personalities took notice of what Musk had done. Marianne Williamson, a political activist didn’t like what Elon Musk said about Bernie Sanders. She tweed that it was a profoundly offensive thing to say.

The writer, Sherry Kung slammed Elon for trying this stunt on social media. He thought of his tweet as gross and inhumane.

Brian Altano, the producer and video host mocked back Musk for his tweet about Senders. He was offended but simply stated that the Tesla owner should pay his taxes. Moreover, he should pay a little extra as it will be just like he pays child support.

Patricia Arquette, the Hollywood actress, insulted the business tycoon by asking if Musk has any short-term memory issues.

Lastly, the economist, David Rothschild shared his views about how the billionaires like Elon musk should have a sense of responsibility towards the country. In his tweet, he wrote that all the rich owe a huge debt to the state since it has provided them with a lot. And when it comes to them to serve back, they keep their fortune to themselves.

People Fixating on Musk Should Pay Taxes

Elon Musk has made headlines numerous times. The recent was when the world was gossiping about Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos since the tesla owner became the world’s richest man. Not his attempt to mock Bernie Sanders has once again brought him in highlights. Netizens are reminding him of his net worth which stands at 281.6 billion USD. Recently, he sold around $7bn of shares in Tesla, which is why he was joking about selling more shares. Due to which he became a victim of criticism and the public is reminding him that being rich is also a curse and that he should become more active in paying taxes.

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