Monday, September 25, 2023
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WhatsApp Businesses to Get More Traffic by Facebook Ads Configuration

Facebook has come up with another feature for WhatsApp Businesses. Users who sell their products and services through WhatsApp can now utilize new Ad configuration tool for more target and action oriented marketing that too without leaving WhatsApp. The Ads configuration is not a new feature. However, earlier users had to configure the Ads on Facebook. The option was not exclusively accessible through WhatsApp tools.

How Facebook Ad Configuration Works for WhatsApp Businesses?

Using Facebook Ads for directing traffic towards WhatsApp is not a new thing. WhatsApp businesses could create Facebook Ads with a send message option as call to action, making interested audience instantly initiate the communication. This time, things have become more streamlined through the WhatsApp business tool that has new advertise on Facebook feature.

Those who are available with the latest version of WhatsApp beta either on Android or iOS can already utilize this option.

Advertise on Facebook option facilitates business users to create ads and then directly post them on Facebook; the Ad then leads the interested customers to WhatsApp.

How Useful Is This New Advertise with Facebook Feature?

There are multiple ways through which WhatsApp businesses can benefit from this feature. Business users who can’t maintain separate Facebook pages or take assistance from the advertisement creation tools can reach a wider audience by creating and posting Ads from directly from WhatsApp.

Since, the Ads created this way are linked to WhatsApp, the business users don’t need Facebook for communication with their customers. The send message option associated with respective Ads brings the traffic back to messenger app. The businesses just utilize the Facebook’s wider audience and do rest of the communication and engagement work through WhatsApp.

The Ultimate Result of Integration

Back in 2019, when news about Facebook integrating WhatsApp and Instragram to a core was making headlines, users had huge reservations for their data security. Such concerns further grew when WhatsApp changed its privacy policy in later half of 2020 and it was finally proven that nothing was free in this world. It was clear that WhatsApp would not remain ad-free as Facebook was changing its privacy policy for more data access in order to better target the audience.

 Now this new feature seems to be the next step as it allows WhatsApp businesses to advertise their products and services on Facebook in a more streamlined manner. There is yet to be direct ad targeting on Whatsapp. This is why business users still rely on Facebook’s audience only to promote what they have to offer.

Whether Facebook will directly use the WhatsApp audience for ads targeting or not is a matter of future, which is not far perhaps. However, the ultimate manner of showing Ads on this popular messenger app will decide whether users will stay on it or not.

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