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5 iPhone 14 Issues that Users are Facing

Apple’s new iPhone, launched on September 16, has been bothering users with serious glitches. Many users took to social media to report several iPhone 14 issues that did not make it seem like a premium phone worth 800 to 1100 USD. The device is available in 4 variants; the standard iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The tech giant introduced several new features like upgraded cameras with more vibrant colours and the capability to record in low light. The Pro and Pro Max version contained the latest A16 Bionic Chip, which is 40% faster than A15 in other variants. Similarly, there are many other notable changes in the new models, but not without some performance issues. They take away a large sense of excitement from dedicated Apple fans.

Here are 5 iPhone 14 Issues You Need to Know

Some of these iPhone 14 issues may have been resolved, but others still occur for a few iPhone users. It is also possible that some handsets may not have shown any bugs. Also, users have reported these issues since the launch, so Apple has already fixed plenty of them by releasing updates. Still, an overpriced device behaving in an undesirable is baffling for its buyers. Here are 5 issues about which users raised concerns on Twitter.

Shaky Camera

One of the very first issues reported about the device was a vibration in its camera when shooting from a third-party app. Many online videos showed the iPhone 14 camera shaking and making weird noises. The issue was reportedly in Pro and Pro Max only due to their 2nd generation sensor-shift optical image stabilization (OIS) system. Whenever users opened a non-Apple app like SnapChat to shoot images and videos, it would appear blurry and shaky, with grinding noises from the camera.

False Alarm

One of the funniest iPhone 14 issues involves a very serious feature. It was reported that while iPhone users were on the rollercoasters, their device called 911 and told them they had been in a car crash. It was regarding the new Car Crash detection feature, which Google introduced in the Pixel series in 2019, but not as loudly as Apple. iPhone 14 uses a high G-force accelerometer and a gyroscope to identify 4 types of accidents – front, back, side, and rollover. It automatically contacts the user whenever the sensors detect an impact. And if the user doesn’t respond within 20 seconds, the device forwards an audio message to 911, informing them about the crash and providing the location. Even though the feature has the best of intentions but Apple may not have been able to calibrate it properly. This is why the device has been misregistering any wild human activity as a car crash.

Freezing on Data Transfer

The first thing users do after getting the new iPhone is set up. However, some users are stuck because the device doesn’t let them go past the data transfer page. This glitch is also reportedly exclusive to Pro and Pro Max. It is triggered when users try to restore data from iCloud (from their old iPhone) to the new iPhone 14. Doing so makes the device unresponsive, a state normally called Brick mode. It happens when the consumer electronic device is no longer functional due to corrupted software or hardware. However, there are no worries for Apple fans as the iPhone doesn’t become a brick after the data transfer. Many experts have shared ways to hard reset the device, which will take the user back to the Apple logo.

Lethargic Island

The Pro and Pro Max come with a surprising new feature called Dynamic Island in place of the notch display, which has become tedious for so many users. It is a pill-shaped cutout that appears whenever the phone is unlocked and provides a unique way to interact with the new iPhone. It displays basic to real-time information and can be expanded to become a hub for shortcuts to other applications. For example, it shows the charging status, animates along with music running in the background, allows the user to control calls, provides directions, and much more. However, several users found the feature to bug out occasionally, blocking important information on the screen.

Poor Battery Life

Another bug or fault users have highlighted it is the battery life, which is not up to standards. Less than a month after its launch, they found the battery to drain quicker, even with minimal use. It seems like 2 of the main features in the latest models, Always-On and Exposure Notifications, are using a lot of battery power, causing a slight disappointment for the Apple buyer. The following graph shows the rapid decline in battery timing by the hour. One of the comments under this post acknowledged that something was terribly wrong as the predecessor iPhone 13 had a much optimal battery.

Bug Fixes for these iPhone 14 Issues

According to reports, a few issues were fixed in iOS 16.0.1 update, including the shaky camera and grinding noises. There was also an initial activation problem on Wi-Fi with some devices, which was also fixed in this update. However, the device freezing after data transfer in the setup is still under investigation. Dynamic Island issue is reportedly unacknowledged, along with some overheating issues. Many users still report battery life problems, but others have claimed on social media that they never faced any battery issues. Hence, it is also unacknowledged.

Users at least expected Apple to address the problem of a false 911 call, but in the latest iOS 16.0.3, it has gone unacknowledged. Many experts have already criticised the tech giant for instilling a false sense of security inside citizens with its satellite features in iPhone 14. On the bright side, the new update was able to fix delayed or missing notifications and the low mic volume on Apple CarPlay calls.

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