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People Are Angry at Jordan Bell After He Got Suspended

The basketball plater of Golden state Warriors Jordan Bell was suspended from playing a match on Wednesday night due to conduct detrimental to the team. Not a lot of details regarding the incident have been released. Head Coach Steve Kerr, when asked regarding Bell’s suspension, said that it’ was an internal matter and their business so everyone should move on.

What’s The Reason behind the Suspension of Jordan Bell

No official statement has been issued shedding light on why Jordan Bell got suspended but according to rumors and some media reports the 24 yrs. Old bought items from the hotel where the team was staying and billed it to the team’s assistant coach Mike Brown.

The room is paid for by the team, and anything else is self-purchased. Upon investigation, Bells was found responsible. This isn’t the first time Bell has pulled such a stunt, other members of the Warriors organization say.

How Did The People React To Jorden’s Suspension

Many people are amazed and laughing their heads off after finding out what happened to Jorden

What item or items Jordan bought have not been disclosed, the guesses people are making regarding the identities of those items is pure nonsense.

Many feel that when Bell found  Browns card, he must have been over the moon

Other are speculating how bells must have felt when he got suspended

People feel that Bell needs to grow up and stop his childish acts. He needs to be professional; otherwise, even his talent won’t be able to save him from getting kicked off.

Some are of opinion that the Warriors don’t do an excellent job at developing and nurturing young talent. First, it was Pat McCaw and now it Jordan they failed to develop.

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