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Salman Khan Escapes Getting Killed by Lawrence Bishnoi Shooter

According to Indian media, police have learned shocking details while investigating the murder of Punjabi rapper Sidhu Moose Wala. Officers found that someone tried to kill Bollywood actor Salman Khan when he was out cycling. They immediately concluded that it could be a Lawrence Bishnoi shooter, as the dreadful gangster remained a prime suspect in Moose Wala’s murder.

This information was previously unknown and only uncovered while investigating the Moose Wala case. Police told the media that Bishnoi’s hitman came “within inches” of killing Salman Khan but suddenly backed out.

Lawrence Bishnoi Shooter Recons Salman Khan

Indian media reported that Lawrence Bishnoi shooter came prepared to take out the Bhaijaan of Bollywood. He was wielding “a small-bore weapon” hidden inside a “custom hockey case”. The assassin waited for his target outside Khan’s house but pulled back at the last moment.

It was also reported that Bishnoi had already conducted a recon of Khan’s schedule along with his henchmen. They were aware of the superstar’s morning cycling routine where his security detail was not around.

Saved By the Bell

Taking advantage of Salman Khan’s security situation, the assassins went forward with their plan to eliminate him. However, as Lawrence Bishnoi shooter was about to attack Khan, a police escort present outside his house started communicating with the actor. Reportedly, he had a public function to attend that day, due to which the police engaged with Khan.

This startled the killers, who decided to postpone their plans to kill Salman Khan. Reports said that the shooter received “orders” to abort the mission to avoid getting caught by the police.

Salman Khan Responds to Lawrence Bishnoi Controversy

Lawrence Bishnoi is also suspected of having sent a letter to the actor’s father, Salim Khan, threatening “Tumhara Moose Wala Krdenge” (You will end up like Moose Wala). Afterwards, it was widely speculated that the killer of Moose Wala was also coming after Salman Khan.

The Indian government has since upgraded the security of the actor. However, Salman Khan has addressed the threat to his life by claiming that he never had enmity with anyone. Khan also said that he had not received any threatening messages or calls. About the letter, he said that it was also sent to his father and not him.

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