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Love Island host Caroline Flack Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges

The host of the hit TV show Love Island Caroline Flack arrived in court on Monday morning after pleading not guilty to assault charges filed against her earlier this month. 

Caroline Flack Off To Court

According to media reports, the police arriveed at Caroline Flack home after receiving a phone call just after 5’o’clock in the morning . The police knocked on there door eight times before the couple emerged in bloody clothes.Caroline looked ok but her boyfriend had a cut on his head . After securing the area, an ambulance was called in, and the wounded was taken to a nearby hospital.

Upon investigation, the police concluded that the Love Island host had assaulted her 27-year-old boyfriend Lewis Burton, who she had been dating for a year or so. The hostess arrived at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court under heavy cover alone with Burton nowhere in sight.

While being escorted by the police, Flack broke down in tears but quickly recomposed herself. She appeared in front of a district judge, Julia Newton, and provided the relevant information along with her non-guilty plea.

I Still Support Her

Her boyfriend, Lewis Burton, arrived at court before the proceeding began and voiced his support for her. “I never intended this to happen,” he said while talking to the media. According to the defence lawyer, Mr. Burton is a witness and not the victim. The prosecution, on the other hand, held her responsible for the severe head concussion Burton faced.

Enough Is Enough

The defense lawyer also filed an application requesting the court to lift a ban barring her from speaking to her boyfriend. “She is a public figure and has been scrutinized enough its high time this case gets settled” he added

Caroline, in an Instagram post, announced that she would be stepping down as the host of love island season 6, which is to be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

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