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Killing of 25 Years Old LUMS Graduate in Islamabad Raises Concern

Social media has been raising concern regarding the killing of 25-year-old LUMS Graduate Qasim Awam in Islamabad’s F-9 park. The area is one of the prime locations in the city and is usually considered safe. It is still unclear whether it was a robbery attempt or pre-planned murder.

The gruesome incident took place on Sunday night, 5th June. Some reports claimed that it was a “robbery gone wrong” scenario in which Qasim was shot. He was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), where he underwent 3 surgeries and many bottles of blood. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his wounds on 7th June.

Condolences for the Deceased LUMS Graduate

Pakistanis flooded social media with condolences as well as unanswered questions. For some, it was highly doubtful that muggers killed the young LUMS Graduate. Others expressed fear of using public spaces in Islamabad, which did not seem safe anymore. They asked what kind of mafia was set loose in the Capital, killing whoever it wanted.

Citizens also raised their voices before the authorities, who were silent about the incident. According to the latest reports, IG Islamabad has “formed a team” under DIG Operations, but no arrests have been made yet. Islamabad police are already facing heavy criticism over the recent increase in crime that often goes unnoticed and unpunished.

Nothing Taken

Another inconsistency that raised doubt about whether it was a robbery or a hit was that his valuables were still inside his pockets. A close acquaintance of the deceased LUMS graduate told the media that he called the police himself after taking a single bullet. His phone, AirPods, and car keys were still on his dead body.

Who Was Qasim Awan?

Qasim Awan was working in FoodPanda as a Business Development Manager. His friends mentioned that despite being a LUMS graduate, he preferred working in Pakistan while most of his batch mates left the country for better opportunities.

Qasim is survived by his father, mother, and 2 sisters. His funeral prayers were offered in Awan Town, Lahore, where he lived.

Close friends and acquaintances continue to raise the issue on social media, trying their best to convince authorities not to let this slide.

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