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Indians Are Trolling Modi Over Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Picture

The Prime Minister of Indian Narendrr Modi posted a picture of himself observing the solar eclipse while wearing really expensive polarized glasses that are made specifically to view the solar eclipse. Indians are trolling him for wasting the taxpayer’s money.

Modi Gets Trolled During Solar Eclipse

Despite India’s recent attempts to re-brand itself as a rich and developed country, one can still see through the cracks. Some people still live on less than 1 dollar a day, and to see Modi wearing such expensive glasses for an event that occurs after years is strange. Imagine how those people feel when they see their country’s leader doing what he did.

Modi’s Prime Ministership has been a rather turbulent one for Indians. Under his rule, the international image of India has worsened. The abrogation of the special status of Kashmir, along with the ongoing mass protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, has practically brought the Indian economy to a standstill.

People have lost their lives in these protests and reports of property getting damage have also come forth

The tech industry was thriving before the BJP’s arrival, but like the Indian economy, it’s to is facing a tough time as some of the new technological reforms introduced by the country have adversely affected it.

What Is Modi Doing about Solar Eclipse?

Instead of addressing these issues with an iron fist Indian PM is wasting time indulging himself in acts that will do no good to the country.

On multiple occasions, the PM has called himself the Fakeer prime minister of India or a prime minister who lives to serve the people irrespective of day and night but has failed to uphold that image terribly


Critics Came up with Some More Valid Arguements

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