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Money Heist Pakistan Connections are Making Fans Obsessed with Show

The much-hyped Money Heist Season 5 has finally been released on Netflix with early 5 episodes. As expected the Spanish show is going popular in the sub-continent which is evident from commentaries, memes, and funny takes going viral on social media. Amidst all this fanfare about this season, Money Heist Pakistan has emerged as a whole new phenomenon. The credit goes to mentions that the country keeps getting in the show for several reasons which are surprising for the viewers. The most notable scene in this regard was in season 4 where the professor called a surgeon Dr. Shakir from Pakistan to treat Nairobi.

However, it seems that more such mentions are going to be there in season 5.

Money Heist Pakistan References

Characters from Pakistan helping the main roles get through the difficult situation is something that fans are indeed rejoicing over. Or probably, this could be one of the reasons to add the relatability factor or more elements of interest for the diverse audience of the show. However, for critics, there are things that don’t seem to make much sense. For example, in one scene professor asks to contact Pakistan to take help from the hackers there; something which is a laughing stock for many due to some factual reasons. There is no doubt that Pakistan has a growing workforce in IoT and cyber security sectors. Yet the curriculum taught even in some higher classes is so basic. One wonders how come youth succeeds in becoming expert cyber security and hacking experts when it is being taught some really basic things in school level.

Nonetheless, people have seemed to love this Money Heist Pakistan reference as they are using it to describe similar other situations where the world has badly needed the help of this country.

Professor Doppleganger in Town

Another prominent Money Heist Pakistan connection is the professor doppelganger from a local store which is going viral on social media. The professor played by Alvaro Morte does look like someone from South Asia. Therefore no wonders that his lookalike from Pakistan is capturing the attention of people.

While this man is a commoner, last year when season 4 had released fans were looking for the local celebrities who could have played this role in Spanish or some other version. Interestingly, veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui seemed the best choice to play professor due to his look in glasses. The actor has earlier worked in internationally acclaimed films like The Might Heart.

Local Versions of the Cast

The Money Heist Pakistan connection as it appears in some scenes of the show might be limited however it doesn’t seem to go away for fans who are recreating more from it. Just recently, a Twitter user came up with imaginary Pakistani Identity Cards of the cast to depict what the characters would have looked like if they were actually from Pakistan.

These depictions are by the fans, but the entertainment industry also seems much inspired by the show. A Pakistani movie titled 50 Crore has already created the hype for characters who have an uncanny resemblance with those from Money Heist. The movie could be just a Pakistani version of the season.

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