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Adnan Siddiqui Seems the Best Choice For The Professor in Money Heist

Many people in Pakistan are obsessed with the nail-biting thriller, Money Heist, and even more so with El Profesor (The Professor). Alvaro Morte has done an exceptional job in portraying the bespectacled genius. Pakistani fans have often wondered which Pakistani actor would look the coolest as The Professor in Money Heist. It was a difficult choice out of the plethora of talented actors in Pakistan.

Nonetheless, Adnan Siddiqui seems like the one with that particular level of enigmatic energy, that is important to achieve The Professor. This character is written so brilliantly that even Einstein would be envious of him, if he were at that point in time.

Who Is The Professor In Money Heist?

Every criminal mastermind would give anything to have a brain like Sergio ‘El Profesor’ Marquina. He manages to orchestrate artistic heists such as the Royal Mint Of Spain while successfully outsmarting the tenacious authorities. The reason why his plans are successful is because everything is thought out to an extreme level of detail with multiple contingency plans. His elaborate robbery plans and modest execution can easily win an audience in seconds.

The Professor in Money Heist feels empathy towards his crew members and his hostages, that make him stand out from the ensemble. Regarded as the guardian angel, The Professor acts as the beacon for the crew. He feels responsible for protecting everyone during the critical heists while avoiding to become the monster that pulls the trigger.

Who Is The Pakistani Actor, Adnan Siddiqui?

Adnan has been the heartthrob of Pakistani fans since his debut in TV series, Uroosa (1994). Ever since he has appeared in many hit TV shows like Pal Do Pal (1996), Meri Zaat Zara E Be Nishan (2011), and Mere Paas Tum Ho (2019). He has also worked in many films including Yalghar (2016), an Indian Movie Mom (2017), and A Mighty Heart (2007) which was based on the real events surrounding the Daniel Pearl murder case.

He has stolen the show out of the hands of biggest names in the industry. He was nominated for the Best Actor Male (TV) in 2018 Lux Style Awards. He’s got the dashing looks and charismatic personality that captivates the audience watching him perform. If some say that Adnan is a complete actor, it won/t be wrong. That is why he is the best choice to play this enigma known as The Professor.

Adnan Siddiqui Seems Fully Equipped To Grace The Professor in Money Heist

The veteren actor is capable of transforming his persona according to the character but still manages to maintain his personal demeanor. He is like that uncle in the family who looks like a hitman but even the most nosy kids would love to hang out with him. Quite similar to the humble and empathetic professor with a dangerously genius mind.

The Professor lights up the moments of outsmarting authorities and the audience lights up watching him in action. The professor in  Money Heist is always hesitant to get his hands dirty so in case of a catch 22 situation, he has to transform into the same monster that he is constantly avoiding to become.

That is the point where an actor has to bring his own natural charisma, which is limitless in Alvaro Morte. He can deliver a range of emotions just like Adnan Siddiqui in Pakistani film and television industry. Adnan has that perfect shy smile that is barely there and can also execute a deadly staredown like the Professor in Money Heist.

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