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How Much Money Have I Spent on League?

Given 67 million monthly active players of the League of Legends, no wonders that, how much money have I spent on League, is a common question that gamers ask themselves. League of Legends or LoL has become a cultural icon in Europe and North America. The addicted players don’t even hesitate to spend money to unlock the rewards by using Lol’s microtransaction feature.

How much have i spent on league: Well, LoL players have got to worry about many important things, than merely looking for the fastest transmission medium for data transfer. Gamers who spent their real money on skins and champions of the League of Legends are interested in knowing how much they spent. They might be looking to have more fun or get an insight of money and time wasted on Lols.

How Much Money Have I Spent on League?

An analysis of different gaming forums reveals that Riots Games’ League of Legends has prompted players to spend real dollars and euros to earn more riots points. In few cases, gamers paid an amount equal to the monthly fee of the gym and other such products and services. After the addiction is over, how much money have I spent on League is the common question that pops up in the minds of players.

Now gamers can check the amount of money they have spent on League of Legends on the website of Riot Games. Players have to visit the privacy page of the site and log in to their account. The process of getting access to the information related to money gamer have spent on purchasing Riot Points is a bit tricky. Due to the sensitive nature of data, it is kept secret and shared with legit persons only.

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Details of Money Spent on League of Legends

The answer of how much money have I spent on League becomes more relevant when a player gets to know about the minor details as well. The good thing is that Riots Games reveals every bit of detail related to each transaction along with a total money a player has spent. It also tells about, the number of hours, a gamer has spent in playing the games. Briefly, League of Legends players, are in a position to know about how much of the two essential resources, time and money, they have wasted on this game.

Popularity of League of Legends

How much time have i wasted on lol. League of Legends is a multiplayer game. It has amassed acclaim since its launch by Riots Games in 2009. The game has 67 million monthly active players, with more than 7 million players in peak hours. Lol typically features a summoner who has the power to control champions of his team. The game has taken inspiration from the likes of Warcraft III.

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