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Most Hyped Upcoming TV Shows 2022 Are Just Around the Corner

People around the world are done with their new year celebrations and hoping that 2022 will be different than the past three years since 2019, 20, and 21 have been very disturbing in terms of being a threat due to coronavirus. Even though the time was crucial and scary, yet the entertainment industry didn’t let people down as it kept on putting good movies and shows on the plate for the shows and films lovers. In this regard, the upcoming tv shows 2022 will be a delight for those who had been craving some of the series that is now going to be released soon. This includes a bulk of marvel shows as well.

5 Most Anticipated Upcoming TV Shows 2022

DC, Marvel, and some other studios have been cooking up a few tasty meals for the tv shows enthusiast. Though the two famous ones have been leading the race with multiple projects. Among the upcoming Tv shows 2022, many are the imminent titles going to be DC and Marvel’s masterpieces. Other than that, these shows will be aired on various OTT platforms including HBO Max, Netflix, and Disney plus. 


Many movie lovers must be familiar with the Suicide Squad 2 (2021) that introduced the Peacemaker character to DC fans. It was based on a guy who is willing to go to extremes to maintain peace. For him, it doesn’t matter who and how many get killed while putting efforts to bring peace. It is an ironic character played by John Cena in the film. Now a whole series is coming on January 13th and that will be released on HBO Max.

Stranger Things Season 4

The sci-fi and supernatural drama Stranger Things is also in the highlights since the fourth part is yet to come. The whole show has been on hold since 2019. However, the series is believed to be one of the most anticipated upcoming Tv shows 2022 and the fans have been wondering about its release date. The sad fact is that the arrival date hasn’t been disclosed by any of the related show people. But the reports said that arrival is highly expected in 2022.

Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios is releasing too many shows and movies in 2022. The movie Ms. Marvel is yet to come after a big break. The exact release date isn’t confirmed yet but the series is definitely going to be released in 2022. Also, Iman Vellani will play Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan that making it a Muslim superhero film. Also, the series revealed that Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is in the cast list of Ms. Marvel too.

House of the Dragon

Those who have been missing the thrill that Game of thrones used to bring out, should just wait for a little bit longer. Because House of Dragon is also on the list of top upcoming shows of 2022. The show is a prequel to Thrones as it is about the era long before the GOT time. The exact release date of the series is to be confirmed yet but it will be aired on HBO Max in the coming months.

The Lord of the Rings

People have known about the Lord of the Rings film series. Now, an episodic project is ready to come out on Sept 2, 2022. Amazon prime is the OTT hosting one of the most anticipated upcoming Tv shows 2022. Though there isn’t much information about the plot but fans can take wild guesses about the storyline. So far, the concept is about the period of the second age of the middle earth that witnessed the rising and falling of Numenor as well as the forging of the Rings of Power.

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