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Ms Marvel Trailer Reveals Iman Vellani As New Asset of The Avengers

Disney+ and Marvel Studios have released the official trailer of Ms Marvel staring Iman Vellani aka Kamala Khan who is a Muslim girl and a superhero in the series. The film is already long-awaited by the marvel fans and finally the released trailer is hinting a lot of things about the characters, series, and story. Most importantly, the big question to ask is will Kamala Khan become another member of the avengers as other newly introduced characters became. After the Avengers endgame, other marvel projects have been introduced that raise wonderment about plans of marvel studios regarding new films and miniseries.

What Does Ms Marvel Trailer Talks about Iman Vellani?

As per the official trailer of Ms Marvel, the protagonist of the miniseries is a young Muslim girl who becomes a superhero. It revealed that Kamala Khan used to fantasize about Captain Marvel and wanted to become like her. Fortunately, her wish came true and she got superpowers. Also, the preview revealed how she goes through situations in her daily life, especially high school teen drama problems. She also fights with conflict with her conscience that a brown girl cannot become a superhero and save lives. But that changes when she realized she actually can do something after her life suddenly changes due to getting superpowers. She could fly, run faster, and fight off the bad guys now which turned out to be an excitement for her.

Cast and Release Date

Other than Iman Vellani, the cast of Ms Marvel includes some unexpected faces. The miniseries has cast Asian and American actors including Rish Shah (Kamran), Saagar Shaikh (Amir Khan), Aramis Knight (Kareem), Yasmeen Fletcher (Nakia Bahadir), Travina Springer (Tyesha Hill), and a few other important figures. However, some of the names are still questionable whether they will be a part of the series or not. Previously, it was suspected that Ms Marvel included Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in the cast list. This was because the actor himself mentioned that he liked working with the crew. But Ms Marvel trailer didn’t reveal Fawad Khan as a member of the cast. The suspense will soon be over since the miniseries is going to be released on Disney+ on June 8.

Kamala Khan As An Avenger

As it has been observed previously that the studio introduced characters individually like the HULK, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Black Panther, and others to create a megamovie, the Avengers. Thus, there is a good chance that fans might see Ms Marvel in any future avenger movie. Also, Mark Ruffalo shared the Ms Marvel trailer and welcomed Kamala into the Marvel family.

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